The Process has Begun Again!

I have started writing my 6th novel. I'm very excited. So far I've gotten through the prologue. I was battling with the female characters name, but I think I've got her. She's going to be a firecracker. Most of the women I write about are pretty tough, but this one is going to be something else I think.

I'm always amazed at my process. But I feel completely accomplished when I'm finished. It'll be a year in November from when I started back working on Dream Lover and Taking Chances. I never would have thought I would come up with and complete three more stories after.

I haven't written anything since late July early August. Been doing a lot of reading. A LOT! But I've been enjoying it. Just got done reading another great Brenda Jackson book. While I've enjoyed my little break, I'm ready to get back it. I'm still in the early stages, trying to feel my way through the story and see where I want it to go. Lots of brainstorming...

Well all, I will keep you all posted on what's going on! Look for Taking Chance to come out sometime in October or November. It's probably leaning more towards November. My cover artist/husband is training for a fight and so we will work on it more after it.

Until next time....

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