The Party

Cameron looked up from her book she was reading and a small sigh fell from her lips as her coworker, Tammy, stalked toward her.
"What are you doing?" she asked Cameron, through clenched teeth. She was obviously faking a smile.
"What does it look like I'm doing?" Cameron replied, from her spot on the love seat. She held up her book so that Tammy could get a better look at it.
Tammy snatched the book from Cameron's hands.
"You promised you would mingle," Tammy whined.
"And you promised this was going to be a 'small get-together'." Cameron looked around the house that had to have at least a hundred people in attendance. "This is, by no means, a small get-together."
"I knew you wouldn't come otherwise," Tammy admitted.
"And you're lucky I'm still here," Cameron said, standing. She reached for her book and Tammy jumped back on her stiletto heels that showed off her long legs under the sparkly minidress she was wearing. Cameron hated big parties. She'd much rather be at home, in bed reading her book peacefully. She always had a book with her and as soon as she walked into Tammy's house; actually her uncle's mansion, who was letting her stay there, rent free,Cameron ducked off to the quietest corner she could find.
"I got a text from Carl," Tammy said, a goofy smile spreading across her face. "He should be here any minute."
Carl worked in the same department as Cameron and Tammy, and Tammy had a serious crush on Carl, which was why she was throwing this elaborate ‘Lock and Key’ party. Another strike on Cameron's list. She wasn't trying to make some kind of love connection. All she wanted to do was have a drink or two and hang out with Tammy.
But Tammy had been too busy being the perfect hostess that Cameron hadn't seen her all night, until now.
Tammy sighed and shook her head. "If you needed a dress, you could have come by before the party and I would have lent you one."
Cameron looked down at her black distressed jeans, white tank top and leather jacket she was wearing.
"I have dresses," Cameron said. "I just didn't feel like wearing one."
"At least you wore some heels," Tammy said, looking down at Cameron's red heels. "Your shoe game is always on point."
That was Cameron's one fashion vice. She may not have liked wearing dresses on a regular basis, but she was known to pair heels with her jeans or slacks any day.
"Here, let's just do this–" 
This time, Cameron stepped back when Tammy reached for her glasses with one hand and her hair with the other.
"What are you doing?" she asked Tammy.
"At least take those glasses off and let your hair down," Tammy insisted.
"Tammy," Cameron huffed. "I can't see without my glasses, and my hair is fine the way it is."
It was piled on her head in a messy bun that she'd thrown it in before heading to the party.
Tammy lifted her hands in defeat. "Fine. Do you, honey, but could you at least smile every once in a while? You're terrifying the men who want to approach you to try their key in your lock."
Cameron had been told on more than one occasion that she suffered from 'resting bitch face' to which she usually responded, "My face is my face." She smiled when she had a reason to smile. And some guy strutting up to her saying, "Smile girl!" leering at her, was not enough. 
Cameron opened her mouth to give a snarky remark when she looked across the room and noticed Carl. Tammy turned and let out a girly squeal.
"I think I'm gonna just head home."
Tammy whirled back around and glared at Cameron.
"Don't go, Cam!" she begged. "Just stay one more hour."
Her friend looked so damn pitiful, Cameron ended up rolling her eyes and saying, "Fine. But I'm leaving at midnight."
"Great!" Tammy said, pulling Cameron into a hug. "I'm gonna go and speak to Carl and let him try his key in my lock."
Cameron watched as Tammy sashayed away with Cameron's book in her hand. Tammy hugged Carl and Cameron watched as his hands dipped low to the top of her ass. When Tammy stepped back, she placed a lanyard around his neck that held a key on the end and she lifted her lock.
Carl gave Tammy a sexy grin as he put the key in and turned. Tammy's excited shout could be heard through the entire house.
Cameron shook her head. She had a feeling that it wasn't much of a coincidence that Carl's key fit into Tammy's lock.
She turned and headed for the bar. It was the only way she was going to make it through the next hour.
Cameron looked around at the array of drinks, trying to decide what she wanted.
"Rum and coke?"
Her head shot up to see who'd seemingly read her mind and her eyes locked with a pair of dark and mischievous eyes.
"You the bartender tonight?" she asked.
He chuckled and it was deep and sexy. Shaking his head, he said, "Hardly. Just a good guesser, I suppose."
He didn't seem intimidated by her 'scary face' as Tammy called it, like most men. Instead, he smiled at her and offered his hand. "Damien," he said.
She stared at his hand for a moment, and heard him say, "This is usually where you offer your hand and your name."
Instead of his smart remark annoying her, it actually amused her.
She reached out and placed her hand in his.
"Cameron," she said. "But you can call me Cam."


Damien got a small thrill at the minuscule upward tilt of Cameron's mouth. He'd noticed her the moment he walked into the party. It was hard not to when, even though she was sitting, she stood out among all of the other party goers, sitting in a corner with her nose pressed between the pages of a book. 
She'd had such an intimidating look on her face, that only a few of the men had been brave enough to approach her. And each time, Damien could tell it had taken a lot of strength for Cameron not to look completely annoyed that they were interrupting her reading. He'd even overhead a few men talking about how scary she seemed with what appeared to be a permanent scowl on her face.
But to Damien, Cameron was quite the opposite. Everything about her vibe was appealing to him. To some, she looked casual in her simple jeans and top. But those jeans hugged her hips, that top accentuated her breasts and those heels...
Goddammit, he could just imagine her in nothing else but those heels, as her legs dangled over his shoulder as he drove into her, over and over.
Even the oversized cat-eye glasses she was wearing were sexy on her heart-shaped chocolate face.
Cameron was a different kind of sexy. The kind of sexy that Damien couldn't get enough of.
"Rum and coke is fine," Cameron said as she pulled her hand away from Damien's. "Thank you."
He nodded, and proceeded to make her drink. "This your first time at one of Tammy's parties, huh?"
"What makes you think that?"
He filled a glass with ice, and then as he poured the rum, said, "Most people don't spend their time reading."
Cameron shrugged. "Tammy said it was going to be a small get-together."
Damien threw his head back and laughed. "For Tammy, this is a small get-together."
Cameron shook her head. "Why does that not surprise me?"
"So, how do you know the hostess?" he asked, topping the drink off with cola.
"We work together. I started a couple of months ago. What about you?"
He watched her for a moment as she tasted the drink.
"Good?" he asked.
"Yes. Thanks."
Damien nodded. "Tammy's my roommate...and sister."
He watched as her eyes grew wide. 
"I didn't know Tammy had a brother."
He smiled at the shocked look on her face. 
"Damien! You're not harassing Cam, are you?"
Damien turned to find his sister staring at the two of them. She was trying to appear annoyed, but he could tell she was excited.
"We just met, Tammy," he said. "I was simply making the lady a drink."
"Good, because she's supposed to be mingling," Tammy said, glaring at Cameron. "Hey! Try your key."
"Tamara," he groaned. He wasn't even really attending the party. He'd come downstairs to make himself a drink, but then Cameron had caught his eye. Tammy spotted him and threw one of the stupid lanyards around his neck.
"If you're going to be down here, you're going to play by the rules," she insisted.
"I told you earlier, I was just passing through."
"Humor me," Tammy said, then turned and disappeared with Carl, who'd been standing beside her, with his hand linked with hers.
Damien turned back to Cameron. 
"Sorry about that."
"No worries," Cameron said. "Since you're 'passing through' the party, I'll get out of your way and try this 'mingling' thing."
"Before you do," Damien said, holding up his key. "Mind giving this a try. It'll get Tammy off of both our backs for a while."
Cameron hesitated for a moment. Then she took another sip of her drink and moved closer to him.
"Why not."
He didn't even want to be at this stupid party his sister was throwing. So why, all of a sudden, was he eager about what was happening? Cameron held up her lanyard with a lock on it and Damien took it in his hands. Their fingers brushed in the exchange and he heard the slight hitch in her breath.
He took his key, and slid it into the lock. Her eyes met his as he said, "Here we go."
He never took his eyes off of hers as he turned the key. When he felt the lock disengage, they both looked down. He noticed the way her breathing increased, her cleavage moved up and down at a faster pace.
"Huh," he murmured. "What are the odds?"
"So...what happens now?"
"I think we're supposed to get to know a little bit more about each other. Would you like a refill?"
Her drink was getting low. Cameron looked down at her glass and nodded.
As he filled her glass with more rum and coke, he asked, "This isn't your type of scene, is it?"
"No, not really. I'd much rather be at home with my book."
"Yeah, I saw Tammy jack you."
Cameron rolled her eyes. "I have a feeling I won't be getting it back any time soon."
"Probably not." 
He handed her the glass. "But would you be interested in seeing something just as...stimulating."
"What could be more stimulating than a book?" she asked.
"Oh I can think of a few things," he teased, and if he didn't know any better, he'd swear he saw her blush a little. But she hid it well.
"I doubt that."
He leaned closer to her and her scent assaulted his scenes. His dick sprang to life instantly. Oh, the things he could go do to not only this woman's body, but her mind as well.
"How about...hundreds of books?"
"What?" she asked.
Got her, he thought to himself.
"You obviously haven't gone on a self-guided tour of this place, like most attendants tend to do."
When she responded no, he took a chance and reached down to take her hand in his. When she didn't yank it away, he gave it a little squeeze.
"Then allow me to show you the best place in the house."


Cameron stood in the middle of the library and looked around in awe. The excitement that ran through her was partly from the sight before her, and partly from the buzz of the drinks she'd had. The room was probably bigger than her apartment and there were so many books!
"Why didn't Tammy tell me about this room?" she whispered.
"Probably because she knew you would hide in here until the party was over," Damien said over her shoulder.
There was something that drew her to him.
Cameron closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of old books that she loved so much. It was an arousing smell. What was even more arousing was the added scent of sandalwood and leather that had to be Damien.
It threw her mind and body in to a tailspin.
When she opened her eyes again, she started toward the shelves. She lifted her hand and lightly ran across the books. A book of poetry caught her eye and she pulled it out. She opened and began to read to the first few lines of a poem by Lord Byron.
Cameron looked up when Damien finished the section of poetry, by heart. Her lips tilted up in to a smile and she closed the book and put it back on the shelf.
"It's even more beautiful than I imagined," she heard him say.
"What?" she asked, turning back to him.
"Your smile."
Shaking her head, Cameron asked, "How many times have you used that line?"
"I've never had to work to make a woman smile before, so this is the first time," he admitted. "But it was definitely worth the effort."
Cameron continued walking around the library.
"So what's the deal with this uncle of yours?" she asked.
"He's out of town a lot," Damien said. "So he offered the place to me and Tammy. Said he trusted us to take care of the place a lot better than some strangers. The place is so huge that Tammy stays on the east wing and I'm over here, on the west wing."
"So you picked the side with the library."
"I take advantage of it more than she does. And it was always my favorite spot whenever we came to visit my uncle."
She watched as he sat down in a chair in front of the desk. She could feel his eyes watching her as she continued perusing book after book.
The way he said her name.
It sent a shiver of awareness down her spine.
"What?" she asked.
"If you're not in to partying like my sister," Damien said, "Then why are you here?"
Cameron turned around and found him staring at her. She walked over to him, and sat on the edge of the desk, directly in front of him.
"Your sister has been bugging me about coming to one of her parties since I first started working with her. I figured, if I came to at least one, it would get her off my back for the next month or two." She looked down at her watch. "My time is almost up. I promised I'd stay until midnight."
Damien reached out and snaked his hand around her wrist and pulled her toward him. He looked at her watch and said, "Looks like we don't have much time."
"For what?" she breathed.
She was standing in between his legs, looking down at him. He stood and she didn't back away, so his body ended up pressed against hers.
She tried to tell herself that this was ridiculous. She hadn't come to this party to hook up with anyone, especially her friend's brother. But the chemistry between the two of them was palpable; there was no denying it. Especially when she could feel Damien's erection pressed against her belly.
"For whatever you'd like to do," he said.
Her eyes met his and her lips fell open. His gaze was intense and heated. She broke contact and looked down.
She wanted him. In a way that she'd never wanted anyone so desperately and so suddenly. And from the look in his eyes, he wanted her too.
She lifted her face and pressed her lips to his. She felt his body tense and she moved to break the kiss but then Damien's hands wrapped around her waist, keeping her body against his. He quickly took the lead on the kiss, walking them backward until her legs hit the edge of the desk again.
His hand moved down to cup her beneath her ass, and then he lifted her up and sat her on top of the desk. She spread her legs instantly. His hands slid underneath her top and caressed her skin and ground his pelvis against hers. The move caused a soft moan to float from her lips.
The sound startled her and her eyes snapped open.
She tore her mouth from his and she pushed him back.
They stared at each other for a moment; the room was quiet except for the music of the party in the distance.
She lifted her fingers to her lips and felt how swollen they were from the kiss.
"Please don't tell me you're sorry for what just happened," she said, closing her eyes.
He took her chin between his fingers and lifted her face so he could see her expression. He studied her face for a moment before he leaned down and kissed her again, this time softly.
When he pulled away, his lip tilted up as he said, "It would be a lie if I said I was sorry." He took a step back and she tried not to stare at the bulge in his pants.
She nodded and looked around the library again.
"What I was going to say..."
Cameron's eyes found Damien's when he spoke again.
"Is that I'm ridiculously attracted to you."
"You are?" she asked. Her heart actually skipped a beat.
"Ever since I came downstairs and saw you hiding in the corner reading."
There was no sense in beating around the bush, so Cameron replied with, "The feeling is mutual."
"So," Damien said, stepping toward her. "What happens now?"
"How about you continue giving me a tour of this place?"
"What would you like to see next?"
"Your room."


Damien stared at Cameron for a second before he took her hand in his and silently led her out of the library. He hadn't expected that response from her; but one look in her eyes confirmed that she wanted this just as badly as he did. So he wasn't going to waste any time.
After a short trek, they arrived to his bedroom. Damien pushed the door open and moved out of the way, to allow Cameron to enter first. He watched her body as she sauntered into the room, taking in everything. She turned to face him as he closed the door.
He engaged the lock as she pulled her jacket off and tossed it across a chair. He closed the distance between them and grasped the back of her neck before lowering his mouth to hers again. He pressed his tongue to the seam of her mouth and she opened for him. Her tongue tangled with his and he felt her soft hands slide beneath his shirt. His stomach trembled as her finger danced across the ridged muscles.
He grabbed her tank top and snatched it over her head, revealing a red lacy bra. He looked down at her nipples that had been hard ever since their first kiss in the library. He leaned down, kissed her again and she pushed his t-shirt over his head. The next few moments seemed a blur as they continued undressing each other in between heated kisses.
They fell onto the bed and Damien hissed when Cameron climbed on top of him, the silky heat between her thighs pressing against his dick.
She gave him another one of those sexy smiles before she leaned down and pressed her lips to his chest. He sat up slightly, watching as she kissed her way down his body. He fell back against the pillows when her hand wrapped around and began to stroke him.
He looked down just as his dick disappeared into her mouth, and he swore. He felt her tongue swirl around the tip before her head bobbed up and down. He reached down, pulled the band holding her hair up out, and dug his fingers into the silky strands.
She felt so good around him and he had to focus to keep from losing it. 
She pulled away and looked up him, wiping her mouth.
"Do you have protection?"
He nodded, barely able to speak. He pointed to the nightstand drawer next to the bed. Cameron sat up, opened the drawer and pulled out a condom. She tore it open and took her time covering him with it. When she reached the base, a growl rose up in his chest and yanked her against him before rolling their bodies to switch their positions. 
Unfortunately, he miscalculated how close to the edge of the bed they were. He watched as her eyes grew wide and her hands clutched his shoulders.
"Shit," he whispered when they landed on the floor on their side and Cameron's glasses flew off of her face. He ran his hand down her body. "Cam! Are you okay?"
Cameron's chest vibrated hard, causing her entire body to tremble and Damien panicked. Until the laugh broke from her mouth. 
"That was smooth," she said, still laughing.
His head fell forward, landing in between her breasts.
"Sorry about that."
"It's okay. We just got a little out of control for a minute there," she said, finally catching her breath.
"Are you sure you're all right?" he asked, looking up at her again.
He pushed her hair out of her face and gazed down at her.
"Did I ruin the mood?" he asked, as his lip tilted up sheepishly.
Her hands came up to his face and she pulled him toward her. Their lips connected, and his arm wrapped around her waist as he rolled her onto her back. 
He buried his face in her neck and planted kisses there, before working his way down, exploring her body the way she'd done to him. He planned on driving her as crazy as she'd just done.
He palmed one breast in his hand and pulled the other into his mouth, running his tongue across her nipple. She arched her body beneath him, pushing her breast farther into his mouth. After taking the other breast into his mouth, he continued his way down her body. When he reached the apex of her thighs, he pushed her legs open, inserted a finger inside of her and sucked her clit between his lips.
The sexy moan that floated through the air made his dick harden even more. He added another finger and began to pump harder as he feasted on her. Her breathing sped up and he knew she was on the verge of coming.
He wanted to be inside of her when she did for the first time, so he worked his way back up her body.
"Damien," she whimpered, squirming beneath him. 
He pushed his way inside of her, moving in and out slowly. When he reached the hilt, he dug his fingers into her thighs and began long, languid sensual strokes, appreciating the way her walls gripped him.
Damien continued the unhurried movements until Cameron began to moan again and her she wrapped her quaking legs around his waist.
He sat up to watch her face as she became unglued. Besides that rare smile of hers, watching her as she climaxed beneath him had to be the second most beautiful sight from this woman.
He quickened his pace, his thrusts now urgent.
As Cameron threw her head back and released a scream of pleasure, Damien followed her over the edge as he came with an incredible force. He collapsed on top of her and after catching his breath, he rolled off of her. He laid there on the floor next to Cameron for several minutes with his eyes closed. When he finally opened them, he turned his head to find Cameron's eyes closed, her chest evenly rising and falling.
Smiling, he stood up, picked her up off of the floor and placed her in the bed. He quietly went to the bathroom, threw away the condom and cleaned himself off before heading back to the room. He slid in bed behind her and wrapped an arm around her stomach. He heard a sleepy sigh float out of her mouth and he kissed her shoulder before finally falling asleep himself.


Cameron's eyes slid open and as her vision cleared, her gaze landed on the clock on the nightstand.
Almost Midnight.
She sat up and realized she was back in the bed. Damien must have put her there. She turned and looked down at a sleeping Damien and smiled. Though there had been a slight mishap in the middle, sex with Damien had still been mind-blowing. 
But it was time to go home.
"Don't tell me you're sorry about what happened earlier," Damien's groggy, yet still incredibly sexy voice said.
"No," she admitted. "But I have to go."
Damien finally opened his eyes and looked over at the clock on the nightstand.
"You know..." he said, sitting up in the bed, "You’re not gonna turn in to a pumpkin if you don't leave before midnight."
Cameron smiled at his words.
"I know, but...I still should go home."
Damien nodded and Cameron stood and began gathering her clothes off of the floor, as well as her glasses.
Damien stood as well and Cameron was tempted to drop everything back on the ground and push him back into the bed again.
Once they were both dressed, Damien walked her downstairs.
"Is there another way out?" she asked, turning to face him. "I'd rather your sister think I just left early, than have to explain where I've been."
"This way," Damien said, taking her hand.
He led her to a side exit and walked with her around the house until they reached her car.
"Thanks for walking me out here," she said.
"It was no trouble," Damien said. "Thanks for the evening."
Cameron hit the unlock button on her key fob and Damien opened her door. She turned to get into her car, but he pulled her against him and dropped his mouth down on hers. She joined in on the kiss and soon lost her breath. He stepped back, fixed her glasses that had gone crooked as they kissed and smiled at her.
"I hope to see you again, Pumpkin."
Cameron grinned as she slid into her car.
He closed the door, and stepped back as she started her car and put it in drive. She looked up in the rearview mirror and noticed him standing in the street watching her drive away.
She didn't tell him, but she hoped to see him again too. 


"It was the perfect night..."
It was Monday morning, Cameron tried her best to focus on whatever it was Tammy was going on and on about, but she was lost in thoughts of her own 'perfect night'.
With Damien...
"So did anything happen between you and Damien?"
Cameron blinked at the sound of his name and looked up. "What?"
"You and Damien?" Tammy asked, with a smile on her face. "Did guys talk or anything?"
We did more than talk...
"Oh well...I mean..."
Cameron didn't know what to say. 
The smile dropped from Tammy's face and she stood up from the corner of Cameron's work desk where she'd been sitting.
Exasperated, Tammy sighed. "You left early didn't you? And I went through all of this to get you two together–"
"Wait," Cameron said, looking up at Tammy. "You did all of what?"
Tammy looked around and lowered her voice. "Okay, so I may have made sure a few locks and keys were made to match for a few couples."
"Like you and Carl’s?" Cameron guessed.
Tammy blushed a little and nodded, looking around again. "And you and Damien."
"What?" Cameron said, shocked.
Tammy squeezed her eyes shut. "I just knew you and Damien would be perfect for each other. The two of you always have your noses stuck in some book. But I knew if I suggested it outright, you'd say no. And I also knew that a blind date was out of the question for you. That's why I invited you to the ‘Lock and Key’ party."
"Under the pretense that it was a small party."
"For me..." Tammy said, "That was a small party."
Cameron hid the smile that wanted to form when she remembered Damien saying basically the exact same thing about his sister. Then she remembered something else.
"When you came over to talk to me and Damien when he was making me a drink, he said he was just passing through. How'd you know he would even come down to the party?"
"That was easy," Tammy said with a wave. "He can't resist my taco dip. I knew if I made it, he wouldn't be able to resist coming down to get some. So when I saw him, I threw the key around his neck."
"We did try the lock and key," Cameron said.
"You did?" Tammy asked, her face lighting up again. 
Cameron turned back to her computer screen and began working again, nodding her head.
Cameron stopped typing and looked up at Tammy again. "And what?"
"Did you any more or anything?"
"He showed you the library, didn't he?"
Cameron couldn't stop the smile from spreading across her face this time.
"Yes! It was amazing."
"See! I knew the two of you were perfect for each other."
"Hey ladies."
Carl came walking over to Cameron's desk, his eyes glued to Tammy. He stopped beside her and said, "It's almost lunch, do you have plans?"
Tammy shook her head no and Carl invited her to join him.
"Let me swing by my desk and grab my purse."
Carl nodded and said he'd meet her downstairs.
"Have a good lunch," Cameron teased.
Tammy pointed at Cameron. "We're not done discussing you and my brother. I want all of the details when I get back."
Cameron wasn't sure Tammy would want all of the details.
After Tammy left, Cameron pulled out her lunch she'd brought from home and her tablet to finish reading her eBook. It wasn't until after she'd gotten home from the party, that she realized that she'd left her book at Tammy's place.
She'd have to ask her to bring the book...
Cameron lost her train of thought, when a familiar scent filled her nostrils. Slowly, her head rose up and she blinked.
"Hey there, Pumpkin."

Damn, this woman is sexy, he thought as he watched the shocked expression on her face. She adjusted her glasses on her nose as if she couldn't believe he was standing in front of her.
"How are you, Cameron?" Damien asked.
"I...I'm good," she said. "How are you?"
"I'm great now."
"How did you find me?"
He gave her a sexy smile as he said, "Well, when you said you worked with my sister–"
"I hope it's all right, me stopping by," he said. "I wanted to bring you something."
"You did?"
"Yeah, it's not a glass slipper," he joked. "But I think you'd appreciate it just as much."
"My book!" she exclaimed, hopping up with a smile on her face.
He'd found it after Cameron left his place. He was walking through the kitchen and found it sitting on the island.
"Figured you'd want this back," he said, handing the book over to her. Their fingers touched and it confirmed one of the reasons he'd decided to come and see her at her job. He wanted to make sure what had happened at the party was more than just some one night thing. 
The attraction was still there and probably even stronger than when they'd first met.
"Thank you," she said, as that smile he liked to think was only for him showed up on her face. "It's so crazy. I was literally just thinking about it and how I was going to ask Tammy to bring it back to me."
"Well now you don't have to. Where is my sister, anyway?" he asked looking around.
"Lunch with Carl."
"I see. I guess things are going well between those two."
"Seems like it."
"Have you had lunch yet?" Damien asked.
"I brought my lunch to work. But I hadn't started yet."
"Could I convince you to join me instead?" he asked. She'd been on his mind all weekend. He even considered asking Tammy for Cameron's number but decided he wanted to see her face again instead. Bringing the book to her was the perfect excuse. "We could discuss this book of yours," he added.
Cameron's eyebrows shot up. "You read it?"
Damien shrugged. "Yes, over the weekend. But I suppose you haven't finished it yet."
"Actually," she said. "I downloaded the eBook version and finished it last night."
She closed her laptop, and stood.
"There's this little bistro a few blocks over."
Damien held his hand out to her and she smiled before placing it in his.
They spent the next hour in the little bistro, discussing books, life and anything else that came to mind and Damien knew...

Like their lock and key, he and Cameron were the perfect fit.

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  1. Short, sweet and to the point. Loved it!