Live at Five: Part 1


"Livvie...please don't cry."
David wrapped his arms tightly around Olivia as she sobbed in his arms. He didn't want to let her go. But he had no choice, her parents were moving across the country. 
"We're never going to see each other again," Olivia wailed.
"Don't say that," David said, feeling like his heart was being ripped out.
They'd met a year ago over the summer when David moved to town with his family. They lived three houses away from Olivia's family.
David had been riding past her house and noticed her chain broken on her bicycle. He went into her yard, helped her and they'd been inseparable since. They're young friendship quickly blossomed into young romance. They spent every moment they could with each other. They managed to rearrange their class schedules so they could be in the same classes, and they got together on the weekends down at the local ice cream shop.
When David got an after school job to save money to buy a car, Olivia hung around doing her homework while he worked. And when he finally got the car, with the help of his dad, they'd drive two towns over and hang out at the lake.
Their parents thought they spent too much time together, but they ignored them. They were in love and no one or nothing could tear them apart.
At least that's what they thought, until Olivia came home one day and her parents told them they were moving.
Olivia had lost it. She didn't want to move. She'd lived in that town all of her life. She was in the middle of her high school career. She didn't want to have to start at a new school, with new people.
And she didn't want to leave David.
"They're doing this because of us," Olivia said, wiping her cheeks with the back of her hand. "It was the only way they could break us up."
"Livvie...your dad hadn't worked in over six months," David reminded him. "As much as I don't like to say this, it's a great thing that he found work."
"So you're glad I'm moving?" Olivia gasped, and stepped out of his arms.
"Of course not, Liv–"
"Then why would you think it's a good thing that we're moving."
"I don't–"
"Oh, I get it," Oliva spat out. "I guess this meant more to me than it did to you."
She was lashing out at him now. He knew it, but it was still difficult not to respond in kind.
"Olivia," David said, as calmly as he could. "You know that's not true. You know I love you."
"But you don't care that I'm moving."
She turned and began to storm off.
"Livvie, where are you going?"
"Home. To pack. May as well get it over with."
She broke off in a run and left David standing in the middle of the street with his heart shattering even more.

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