Live at Five: Part 3


10 years later

David tossed his keys on the coffee table and undid his tie.
"How was work?"
He turned to his cousin, Eddie, who was sitting on the couch.
"Work was fine. How was the search for work?"
"I had an interview today," Eddie said with pride.
David smiled and reached his hand out to Eddie. Eddie slapped hands with David.
"That's great, man."
Eddie was David's younger cousin who'd recently graduated college. David had offered to let Eddie stay with him since they were both in DC. David remembered the struggle after college.
"Yeah, it was promising too. My recruiter told me that the guy who interviewed me told him that I was one of the best prospects."
"Looks like you'll be getting to put that degree to use sooner than you thought," David said.
"Which means I'll be out of your hair sooner," Eddie said.
"Don't even trip on that. I meant what I said, you're welcome here as long as you need."
"Having your fresh out of college cousin ain't cramping your style with the ladies?" Eddie joked.
"Having my broke and destitute cousin live with me makes me look like a saint with the ladies," David retorted.
Eddie tossed his head back and laughed. "Oh it's like that, huh?"
"It really isn't," David admitted.
"I've noticed. In the six months I've been here, have you gone on any dates?"
"I'm busy, you know, working at the White House and all."
"And? A man's got needs? How do you survive?"
"By jogging," David said, turning to head for his bedroom. "Which I'm losing daylight for, every second I keep talking to your punk ass."
"Have you checked the weather?" Eddie called out as David shut his door.
"Not yet, I'll check on my phone," David responded back. He quickly changed into his workout gear and headed back out.
"You actually watch the news on tv?" David asked in a mocking tone. "What are you, sixty?"
Eddie scoffed as he tossed a handful of popcorn in his mouth as if he were watching a movie.
"I don't watch the news for the news."
"Shocking," David said in a dry tone.
"I watch it for the sexy ass news reporter."
David shook his head and headed for the door, looking down at his phone.
"You need to get out, maybe meet a real woman."
"Dude, just look at her."
David looked over his shoulder as his hand hit the door knob. His phone slid from his hand when he saw the woman on the television. He turned and slowly walked back to the TV.
"David, you okay, man? You look like you've just seen a ghost."
David finally stopped in front of the TV, unable to take his eyes off of the face he hadn't seen in a decade. It felt like she was smiling right at him. 
"I'm Olivia Felder for Live at Five. We'll see you tomorrow."
The news went off and she was gone.

"Livvie..." he whispered.

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