Live at Five: Part 4


"From the look on your face, I'm guessing you know the sexy news lady?"
David sat down on the couch next to Eddie, his run long forgotten about.
"Yeah," he said, grabbing the remote. He rewound the TV so he could see her again. She'd grown up to be a stunning woman.
"How do you know her?" he heard his cousin ask.
"We, uh, we were kind of thing back in high school, until she moved across the country."
He still had dreams about standing in the middle of the street, watching her car drive away.
"She must have been special."
David shook his head. "Special doesn't even begin to describe it."
"You should reach out to her."
David looked at Eddie.
"I can't do that," he said, shaking his head.
"Why not?' Eddie asked in disbelief.
"Because it's been a decade. What the hell am I supposed to say to her?"
"Uhhh, most people start with a hi. Then maybe 'how's life been'?"
David thought about it for a moment and then rejected that idea as well.
"It wouldn't be appropriate."
"Why not?" Eddie asked.
"Felder," David said. "Her last name is different. She obviously got married."
Eddie took the remote and fast forwarded a few minutes and then paused.
"She's not wearing a ring," he pointed out.
"There could be plenty of legitimate reasons why she's not wearing a ring."
"You can still reach out just to say hello. There's nothing wrong with that, David," Eddie said.
"Even if I do decide to see how she's doing, how am I supposed to get in contact with her?"
Eddie shook his head and picked up his phone. "Sometimes I swear you were born in the stone ages," he murmured as his hands flew across the keys. He turned his phone so he could show David the popular social media site.
David shook his head. "I don't have an account."
"And you're like the only man in the world who doesn't," Eddie said, as he went back to work on his phone. "But she does, and guess what..."
"What?" David sighed.

"Her relationship status says single."

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