Live at Five: Part 7


Olivia looked at her red eyes and tear stained cheeks. She yanked a paper towel from the dispenser and dabbed her cheeks. There wasn't much she could do about her eyes.
She hadn't expected to react so strongly when she saw David.
She'd been so eager to see him and the roadblocks to get to their meeting had frustrated her to no end. When he'd pulled her into his arms and held her close, memories from days gone by came rushing back to her with such a strong force, it had made her knees weak.
And it wasn't just the memories that made her weak.
The man was fine!
He had muscles he hadn't had as a teenage young man. She felt them in the biceps that had wrapped her around her, his chest and abs that was pressed against her front and his back when she'd splayed her hands across it.
And his scent...
It was intoxicating. It gave her the urge to climb up his delicious body and do wicked things to him.
What a scandal that would have caused for the nightly news...she thought shaking her head as her lip tilted upward.
She gave herself one last once over and ran her hands through her hair to fix it a bit. She'd mussed it by running her hands through it when she kept shouting for a cab and no one would stop for her.
She pulled out her lip gloss and reapplied it and then felt she was ready to face David again.
She left the bathroom, and made her way to the table David was sitting at. When he looked up and saw her coming toward him, he smiled, stood and pulled her chair out for her.
"Thank you," she said, sliding out of her coat and placing it on the back of her chair before sitting down.
"They brought your tea," David said, sitting down in his chair.
Olivia grabbed the tea and poured it into her honey and stirred it with her spoon.
"So..." David said as she brought her drink to her lips. "It's Olivia Felder now..."
She didn't expect to have to discuss Nelson so soon.
"Yes," she nodded, clearing her throat. She sat her mug down and sighed. "I met Nelson in college. We were only married for a few years."
"But you kept his last name?" David pointed out.
"By the time we decided to end things I was already on the air with the news. The producers felt that 'Olivia Felder' sounded better than 'Olivia Manson'." 
"What happened?" David asked quietly.
Olivia sighed and looked out the window of the store front.
"Honestly, we never should have gotten married to begin with."
"Why's that?"
Olivia looked down into her tea for a long moment.
"I'm sorry, Liv," she heard him say. "I didn't mean to bring up things that would make you uncom–"
"I met him freshman year. A year after we moved away..."
She didn't outright say it, but she could tell that David had picked up on it...Nelson had been Olivia's 'rebound guy'.
"I see," he said. "Again, I didn't mean–"
"Are you married?"
David's mouth clamped shut. He smiled when he said, "No. And I've never been."
Olivia nodded, not quite ready to explore the feeling of excitement that rushed through her at her words.
"So you work at the White House?" Olivia asked, decided to change the subject.
"Yeah," David said. "For about two years now."
"That's great," she said.
"What about you?" David asked. "How'd you end up in D.C.?"
"I actually went to college out here."
"Yeah, Mass Communications."
"Of course," David teased and Olivia chuckled.
"I interned at the news station."
"How'd you end up as the face of Live at Five?"
Olivia laughed again at the memory. "By complete chance actually. I was on the crew of one of the anchors who did on the scene reports. One day she just up and quit. We were all in a panic and they basically shoved a mic in my hand and pushed me in front of a camera. The rest, as they say, is history."
"That's amazing," David said. "You seem to enjoy what you do."
"I do," Olivia said.
They continued talking, and got lost in their conversation. Eventually, they looked up and realized that all of the other chairs had been put on top of the tables.
They were the only two left in the restaurant besides the barista who was tasked to close up for the night.
"Looks like we'd better get out of here," Olivia said, reluctantly.
"Yeah," he agreed, standing.
He helped her with her coat on and they walked outside.
"Would you like to go out again soon?" David asked when they were outside of the cafe.
"I'd love to," Olivia said.
After they made arrangements, David held up his hand and a taxi skid to a stop in front of him.
"I wish I'd been so lucky," she said with a grin.
"It's all in the wrist," David teased.
He opened the door and held it for her while she slid into the back of the cab.
"I'll see you soon," David said, taking her hand in his after she rolled down the window.
"Looking forward to it," she said, before the cab driver began to drive off forcing them to let go of each others hands.
Olivia turned and looked at the back window and saw David standing near the edge of the sidewalk. She watched him, watching the cab.

When he was no longer in sight, she turned in her seat and smiled knowing this time when they parted they would see each other again.

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  1. There's always a rebound guy after a heartbroken break up. LMAO!!!!

  2. Second Chances! Love ❤️ them! True Destiny!