A Mother’s Day Morsel

One of our favorite couples has an announcement!

 Handel's Passacaglia filled the house as Rowan Hunter climbed the stairs. The music from the piano grew louder when he hit the second story landing. When he made it to his wife's studio, he leaned in the doorway and watched as Laurel's fingers danced gingerly across the keys.
Memories of the first time he heard her playing the same song on the piano flooded his mind and propelled him forward.
"Did you forget that this was a duet again?"
Laurel's lip tilted up and she slid to the side, making room for him. Rowan sat down and seamlessly joined in with her.
They sat quietly playing a few bars before Rowan spoke again.
"Chelle called."
"What did 'Mom' want?" Laurel teased.
"She got on my ass. Wanted to make sure you were up for tomorrow night."
Laurel sighed and stopped playing before she swung around on the piano stool and stood.
"Of course I'm up for it."
"Laurel, you've been exhausted, babe–"
"I'm fine, Rowan," Laurel insisted as she made her way over to the balcony that overlooked Oak Bluffs in Martha's Vineyard.
Laurel had to cancel several of concerts due to her health at the insistence of her doctor, Rowan and Michelle. She'd been devastated, feeling like she was letting her fans down, but she'd gotten an endless outpouring of love from her them, assuring her that her health was more important. Michelle was already on top of things, rescheduling the concerts that Laurel had to miss.
"I'm feeling much better, and I don't want to miss anymore concerts."
Rowan stood and went to stand behind Laurel, wrapping his arms around her waists.
"If you start feeling bad again–"
"I will let you and Chelle know."
Rowan nodded and kissed the top of her head, before squeezing a little tighter.


Laurel stood back stage, listening to the crowd chanting her name. She blew out a breath and covered her stomach to settle the butterflies of excitement that fluttered around. She put one foot in front of the other and when the spotlight hit her, the audience went into a frenzy.
"Good evening, Boston!" she shouted once she got to the mic. Once the noise died down, she looked around and said, "It feels so good to be back on stage."
The pianist began to play her first song and audience began clapping when they recognized the music.
After a few songs, she sat down on the stool that was set out on stage for her.
"Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out celebrating tonight," she said and smiled as the room filled with applause. She looked over to Rowan who was standing backstage watching her and added, "It seems like I'm celebrating my first Mother's Day right along with you all."
Rowan's eyes widened with realization at the same time as the crowd with wild again. Laurel nodded her head in confirmation and the audience grew louder when Rowan headed for her on stage.
He lifted her off of the stool and wrapped a hand around the back of her neck as he crushed his lips to hers.
"A baby?" he whispered against her lips and Laurel nodded, her eyes filling with tears.
"I found out when you and Michelle forced me to go to the doctor," she said.
Rowan covered Laurel's mouth with his again, before resting his forehead against hers.
"I kinda got a show to finish," she giggled and playfully shoved him away.
Rowan stole one last kiss before hurrying off stage.
Laurel turned back to the crowd and blew out a breath.
"Now...where were we..."


Happy Mother's Day From Té Russ Novels

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