Cassandra woke up the next morning tired. She didn't get much sleep dreaming of the mystery man who'd planted the most amazing kiss on her the night before. After she'd calmed down by taking a late night stroll on the beach, she realized that slapping him may have been a bit over the top. But she'd been shocked by his brashness.  It was also a defense mechanism. The feeling she got when she turned around and saw him watching her from across the room was something new and unfamiliar. She couldn't believe she could feel such an attraction to someone she'd never even heard speak.
Oh, but when he did speak to her. His voice was like silk all over her body. It was smooth like honey.
Which made her think of those eyes again. She wasn't sure what she was more mesmerized by: the color or they way they would lighten or darken, depending on his mood. And she'd noticed several moods that night.
When she'd returned to her place from her walk, she got out of her dress and slipped into bed only to be plagued with images of the man who set her body of fire with just one kiss.
She went to answer the door and let Dante in with her breakfast and was surprised to see a large bouquet of flowers on the rolling table next to her breakfast.
“Good morning, Ms. McAllister,” Dante said beaming.
“Good morning, Dante,” she replied returning the smile.
“Are those flowers for me?”
He nodded, still smiling. “Yes! It appears you have a secret admirer.”
“It does appear that way doesn't it?”
She took the flowers and headed for the kitchen. As she placed the flowers on the island, Dante asked, “Will you be having breakfast on the back patio again?”
She nodded. “Yes, I think so.”
He quickly set the breakfast up then hurried off. As she headed out back, she opened the card that came with the flowers.

Miss McAllister,
I must apologize for my brazen behavior last night. It was impetuous of me to act in such a way. Please allow me to make it up to you and apologize in person.

One who hopes not be a stranger

So the man from last night had tracked her down and sent her flowers and an apology. She couldn't help but smile at his signature. Before going outside, she turned and looked at the flowers.
Lilies were her favorite. She stepped out on the patio and looked around. She was determined to do something fun today. She wouldn't just lie around on the beach all day like she'd done the last couple of days. She took a deep breath then sat down at the table.
She went to take a drink of her tea, when a sound caused her to look up. She looked to the villa next to hers and noticed her neighbor she'd caught a glimpse of the day before on his back patio as well. She couldn't see his face, because he was reading a newspaper.
Thinking this was the perfect opportunity to finally meet him, she decided to introduce herself.
“Good morning,” she spoke up and said.
The newspaper slowly dropped down to reveal her neighbor.
Cassandra gasped as she realized who her new neighbor was.

The man who'd kissed her the night before.

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