Sienna spent the weekend cleaning out her new house. With the help of Veronica and Troy. The inside wasn't as bad as she'd anticipated, and she was glad to realized that the place was furnished. She would get her own furniture eventually, but it would do for now. It was going to take a lot of cleaning.
Veronica was adamant about her sleeping on a newer bed however, so she had Troy and some of the men from the garage bring over the bed from Veronica's guest room.
While the place wasn't a complete disaster, Sienna found out as the weekend went on, that the place still needed a lot of work.
She'd already scrubbed the wooden floors and picked up some products to re-stain them. She was also looking into fixing the cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. 
At the moment she was standing in the aisle of one of the local stores, trying to figure out which carpet cleaner to purchase.
"That one doesn't work very well."
The deep timbre of a very sensual voice sent shivers running up and down Sienna's spine.
She slowly turned around and looked up into a pair of amber colored eyes. Were there flecks of green in there too?
She took a step back as she took all of him in. He had skin the color of almonds, with broad shoulders. It was clear he worked out from the way the T-shirt he was wearing hugged his wide chest.
She didn't dare let her gaze stray any further south, so her eyes moved back up to his face, where his full lips tilted up into a crooked smile.
"You should try this carpet cleaner instead."
"What?" Sienna said, her skin flushing as she realized she was ogling the stranger who was simply trying to help.
Her body had never had a reaction like this to a man before, so she was completely thrown off kilter.
"I said, you should try this carpet cleaner instead. The one you were looking at is not very good."
"Oh...thank you," she said and turned around to try and reach for the machine.
"Here, let me get that for you," he said, as he reached over her head and grabbed the box as if it weighed next to nothing.
Sienna felt the warmth of his body surround her and she had the strangest urge to lean into his body. She stopped herself before she actually did so. She didn't want this stranger thinking she was some kind of freak.
"There you go," he said, as he placed the box into her basket.
"Thank you, again," Sienna said, avoiding his intense, yet gorgeous eyes.
"You're not from around here, are you?" 
That made her look up. 
Coalton wasn't a big place, and Sienna had made her way around the town. This was the first time she seen this man.
"No..." she said quietly. "I, uh...I was originally just passing through. My car ran out of gas here–"
"Let me guess, Ronnie picked you up?"
So he knew Veronica, she thought to herself.
Sienna nodded and smiled. "Yeah, she saw me on the side of the road, gave me a tow."
"That sounds like Ronnie," he said, with a fond smile on his face. "You said 'originally' earlier. I'm assuming you're sticking around for a while."
"Yes, it's a really nice place."
The man nodded and smiled again.
"Perhaps I'll see you around then."
And with that, he turned and walked off, leaving Sienna filled with feelings she'd never experienced before.

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