Henry felt his gut clench then his throat dried. He blinked then blinked again, not believing who was standing behind the counter. He handed Sammy to Cindy, the nanny, and then he slowly walked towards her. She came around the counter and walked towards him as well. He looked down at her, then a grin spread widely across his face and he swept her up in his arms.
“Well, you're certainly a sight for sore eyes!” he said.
“Henry,” he heard Samantha whisper his name.
He finally sat her down and began asking a slew of questions. “When did you get back to New York? How long have you been here? How have you been?”
“She's been crying Daddy,” Sammy blurted out loudly.
He looked over his shoulder at his son, then turned back to Samantha and studied her face. He'd been so stunned to see her that he hadn't noticed her red puffy eyes before. Instantly, that protectiveness he always felt for her kicked in. He cupped her cheek in his hand and asked, “What's wrong?”
She shrugged out of his arms as she shook her head. “Nothing I can't handle.” She was lying and he knew it.
“Sam,” he said her name in such a way to let her know he was calling her bluff and gave her a look that said talk to me.
“Henry,” she said with a wobbly smile, “I don't want the first thing we talk about after not seeing each other for over ten years to be depressing news.” She looked over at Sammy. “Especially in front of your son.” Her eyes grew wide. She covered her hands over her mouth then let out a loud laugh. “Your son! Oh my goodness Henry! You have a son.”
She began laughing hysterically. Henry was sure she'd lost it. He grabbed her elbow and guided her to a seat. “Don't move,” he commanded.
He walked back over to his son.
“Daddy, why is the lady laughing now?”
He blew out a breath. “That lady is an old friend of mine and your aunt Tanya. She doesn't seem to be having a very good day.” It can't be any worse than mine has been though, he thought to himself.
Sammy nodded. “Do you know why she was crying earlier?”
“No son, but I'm going to find out.”

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