“Look Lizzie, I came to apologize for last night. I let things get way out of hand and I'm sorry.”
She stood there silent for a moment longer, then visibly relaxed. She stepped back so he could come in and she took the flowers he handed to her.
“I was so worried, how things would be after that kiss,” she said. “I'm so glad we will be able to work things out and have everything back to normal, they way it use to be.” She headed for the kitchen to put the flowers in some water.
“I think you misunderstood me Peaches; I said I was sorry for things getting out of hand, I didn't say I was sorry for kissing you.” She froze. He could see her visibly tense up again.
Might as well get it all out, he thought. “And I don't want things the way they use to be or 'back to normal'.”
She turned around slowly. She was trembling. “Why are you doing this?” she whispered. “It will ruin everything.”
He moved towards her very cautiously. “Or,” he said slowly, “It could make everything so much more wonderful.”
“We've been friends way too long. Best friends.”
“Who better to be lovers than best friends.”
He'd said it. Lovers. She shook her head. “What has gotten into you John? Are you feeling these strange feelings because Susan is getting married?”
He rushed over to her and grabbed her arms and shook her gently. He glared at her.
“Susan has nothing to do with what I'm feeling for you. Do you hear me? Nothing!”
All she could do was nod her head. He let out a deep sigh. “Look Lizzie. When I saw Susan, all the feelings I thought I would have seeing her again were not there. I was completely and one hundred percent over her. She just sat there with her fiancé, nose in the air like she was the queen of everything. It didn't take long to realize the real reason she'd left me at the altar. I was a struggling cook and she would clearly be marrying beneath her.”
Liz couldn't help but cup his face in her hands. As usual when talking about Susan, that fire was in her eyes. “Susan was a fool to let you go. And a horrible person if she couldn't stand by you while you fought for your dreams.”
He reached up and held her hands in his and leaned his forehead against hers.
“Peaches, I don't know when things changed for me, or how, or even why. But this feeling...it's not going away for me. And I'd rather face it head on and see where it leads us rather than run from it.”
He looked her in the eyes. “Can you honestly tell me that you don't feel it too?”
She let out a shuddering breath. “Johnny, I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel it too.” She felt his hands squeeze around hers with hope. “But I'm scared. What if things don't work out? I couldn't lose you as my best friend. What if....”
He stopped her talking by leaning forward and giving her the gentlest kiss on the lips. He kissed her once more then pulled away. “You just have to trust me. Trust us. Trust this.” He rubbed the back of his fingers down her cheek. “I've always been there for you and that isn't going to change, not now or ever. Have I ever steered you wrong before about anything?”
“No,” she replied looking down.
“I'm not wrong about this either. I just know it.”
She stepped back and wrapped her arms around herself. “I need time to think about this, Johnny.”
He smiled and headed for the door and she followed him. He turned and gave her another sweet kiss. “Take all of the time you need Peaches. I'm not going anywhere and you know where to find me.” And then he slipped out of the door.

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