First off,

Taking Chances is now available for purchase on amazon! I'm very excited. It went live last week, but I haven't blogged much because I've been busy with the kids and spring break, as well as working on my current work in progress (book six titled Perfection).

Also! How could I forget! I got my first copies of Dream Lover in paperback! I signed the first copy for my wonderful husband, and the second copy is sitting nicely on my bookshelf in between books by my two favorite authors! I have three more copies. Two will be given away when I go visit my good friend Cande on his internet radio shows! Looking forward to that! I always have fun visiting his show!

Tomorrow from five to six in the evening (central time) I will be doing a twitter interview with Sezoni Whitfield! It will be my first interview about my books since doing Cande's show. I'm very excited for the exposure. Follow us at #WritersKaboodle and check out her website!

I'm also brainstorming my next book. It's going to be new because there will be elements I have yet to write about. Of course, I will be doing plenty of research, which include reading ;-)

I'm currently reading Francis Ray's latest novel All I Ever Wanted. I'm enjoying it so far! Then again I enjoy everything by her! She is my favorite for a reason!

Well all, I have to go now! I've posted my books on some other sites that do free exposure. As soon as I get the links, I will blog about them!

Until next time.

Happy Reading!