Hey all!

How's every one doing? Just got done making a post on my personal blog and now I'm here to chat it up with you all for a minute!

Did you all know that the month of August is Read-a-Romance month? I recently found out myself and thought it was very cool! So I've decided to share a few of my favorite romance authors with you guys!

First up is the late great Francis Ray. It's hard to choose a favorite because I love all of her books. Her family series are really good, especially the Grayson Series.

Next is Brenda Jackson. Once again it is hard to pick a favorite, because I love them all; but as I am particular to series, one of my favorite is another familial series the Westmoreland Series.

I also like Kate Perry's Laurel Heights series. This woman is a beast! She cranks out a new book like every six weeks or something like that! Amazing!

Christie Nolfi's Liberty Series is very good as well. It will have you laughing and crying. Especially when you read about Miss Theodora!

Brenda Novak's Whiskey Creak Series is a new series I've recently started reading. I've only read a couple, but I've enjoyed them, and I have another in my tbr pile!

Here are a few more romance authors and their series I enjoy:
Rochelle Alers' Eaton Series
Celeste Norfleet's Cole Series
A.C. Arthur's Donovan Series
Melanie Schuster's Devereaux/Cochran Series
Marie Force's The McCarthy's of Gansett Island 

I also enjoy a few paranormal romance series as well. A.C. Arthur's Shadow Shifters and T.L. McCallan's The Elementals Series.

Well, I think that's enough for tonight! Lol, that should be more than enough to get you through the rest of August, and these have barely scratched the surface. As you can see, when it come to romance and enjoy a wide variety!

Until next time,

Happy Romance Reading!

 Oh! I almost forgot (actually I completely forgot lol, it's late and I'm tired!)! The big announcement! My fourth novel After the Storm, the first in my own familial series, The McAllisters, will be released October 1, 2013! Looking forward to sharing it with you all!!!