This is my amazon review of Is the Grass Really Greener? by Chelle Ramsey

This story is about five women who are friends and all go through some sort of trials and tribulations and how they overcome.I really enjoyed this book! It's about situations that happen in real life with real emotions. The women all go through their personal issues and try to deal with them on their own, while on some level envy their other friends whom they think have seemingly perfect lives. Eventually they have to realize that sometimes you should lean on those friends that have always been and always will be there.
I enjoyed each woman's story as well as how their stories intertwined and how they interacted with each other as well as their families or other people in their lives.
I love how Mrs. Ramsey makes these women spiritual on a real level. They have a love for God, but are flawed just like we all are in reality; and they know when to call on Him for guidance and when they sometimes lose their way.
Mrs. Ramsey is an amazing writer and I look forward to more of her work!