Hey all!

Book number four is almost ready for publishing! The book itself is just about complete, I'm just getting an excerpt to put at the end of the book from the next book. After that I just have to get the cover done.

Not sure if we'll be able to get it done this weekend; it's the hubby and my anniversary starting tomorrow and Friday and I don't know what he has planned for us (after over half  a decade of marriage, I've learned not to even bother with trying to figure out his plans because he won't give up anything). So if we can't squeeze out time this weekend to get it done, then I pray we'll get it worked out next weekend!

I really hope you enjoy this book and the books that follow. As I've mentioned before, I love family series books and I'm enjoying writing about this family. I opened up my current work in progress, which is book four in the McAllister family and this couple always gets me. It's properly titled Love After War and you'll see why!

Well, be on the look out! After the Storm, coming your way soon!

Happy Reading!