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It's time for another sexy snippet and this weeks is a special sneak peek into my upcoming book Just One Kiss!

She turned and unlocked the door and opened it. She turned back to him and reached up and gently touched his cheek.
“Come inside,” she whispered again.
He didn't know if it was her touch, the sound of her gentle coaxing voice, or a combination of both, but the last of his resistance snapped.
“Cassy...” His mouth covered hers and he pulled her body close to hers.
She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him inside the house. Once he was over the threshold, he kicked the door closed with a very definitive slam.

To read the full scene, check it out exclusively on my friend and author Chelle Ramsey's blog here!

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P.S. Meet Cassy from Just One Kiss for the first time in my second title, Taking Chances. It is currently available today for free on Amazon.

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