Hey all!

Today I'm trying something kind of new. It's Friday so let's get frisky for the weekend! I'll be sharing an excerpt from one of my books. 

This week's excerpt comes from my first book Dream Lover. 

What happens when things between best friends get taken to a hotter level. Read on and experience John and Liz's first intimate kiss:

John was at the large island when she walked into the kitchen. He tried not to let his amusement show on his face. She was wearing a large t-shirt that looked like it swallowed her whole, stopping right below her knees.
She'd pulled her hair back into a loose and messy ponytail and washed the make up off of her face. He knew exactly what she was trying to do. She was trying to look as unappealing as possible. Little did she know, to him, she was just as sexy in what she had on now as that little number she'd had on earlier.
He saw the smile on her face when she saw him slicing up her favorite fruit, and had all of the ingredients assembled for her favorite dessert that he only made just for her. Peaches flambe. She hopped up on a high bar stool at the island. His eye wandered slightly as he noticed the large shirt inch it's way up as she sat down and fidgeted, showing off a peek of her thigh. He added the peaches to the skillet that already had melted butter and brown sugar. As he was began to stir them, he looked over his shoulder at Liz.
“So, Lizzie, when do you think they will have the art show?”
She let out a hopeful sigh. “Soon, I hope. I will try to call Anjelah on Monday.”
He nodded, then turned his attention back to the peaches to flip them over. He didn't say much more as he was stirring and thinking. He smiled as he added the rum to the peaches. He held the skillet and swirled it contents around for a few seconds. She was running from him, from whatever it was happening between them. He tilted the skillet slightly so that the fire would catch and flambe the peaches. They were like this dessert, he thought. They were swirling around each other, but very soon, they would catch on fire.
“I'm still amazed by that whole thing,” he heard her say, referring to his expert handling of the fire.
He thought that he would take good care of the fire that ignited between them when it happen. Aloud he simply said, “It just takes careful practice.”
Once the flame died down, he stirred it a little bit more. Somehow he knew, their fire would never die out.
“Is there any ice cream?”
He had just pour the peaches into a bowl. He looked at her and pretended to be annoyed by her question. He suddenly turned and opened the freezer. “Now Peaches,” he said with his head in the freezer, “You should know me well enough by now, to know I would not make your favorite dessert unless it was exactly the way you like it.” He turned around and held up a tub of vanilla ice cream. He added a few large scoops of ice cream on top of the peaches.
After putting the tub of ice cream back in the freezer, he came around the island and sat on the stool next to her. As always, they shared the bowl of peaches flambe covered in ice cream, fighting over the bigger slices of peaches and laughing.
As Liz was laughing and trying to put a large scoop of ice cream in her mouth, some of it slid down the sides of her mouth. He turned to her and stared at her for a moment. Then he reached over and wiped one side of her mouth with his thumb. He'd done this many many times before, but this time, he took his thumb and tasted the ice cream on it. It was mixed with peaches flambe, ice cream and her strawberry lip gloss.
That was his undoing.
He leaned towards her and when she didn't pull away as she did before, he slowly licked the ice cream from the other side of her mouth.
She let out a small gasp and his mouth covered hers quickly. He vaguely heard the sound of her dropping the spoon. When he felt her wrap her arms around his neck and open her mouth to him, he stood and put his arms around her waist and pulled her to him, dipping his tongue in her mouth and swirling it around to taste her.
The combination of the dessert and her own sweet taste was intoxicating. He could kiss her forever. Suddenly, he heard her gasp and she pushed away.
She looked terrified. “What are we doing?” she said trying to steady her breath.
He stepped towards her. “Lizzie...”
She shook her head as the tears welled up in her eyes. “No,” she said with her hands out in front of her to block him from her. “This can't be happening. It just can't!” Then she turned and ran, leaving him alone in the kitchen. He pounded his fist on the island and cursed. He hadn't meant for that to happen. His control had momentarily slipped.
“Just give her time, she'll come around.” He turned to see Lila standing in the doorway where Liz had retreated from moments earlier.
“You know our girl can be quite stubborn.”
He nodded looking over her shoulder. Then he asked, “How long have you been around?”
“I was coming down one of the halls and caught a glimpse of Liz running to her room. She looked too upset to bother right now.” She sniffed and walked over to the bowl of melting ice cream over peaches. “You gonna finish that?”
He gave her smile that did not reach his eyes, then pushed the bowl towards her. “Have at it. I've lost my appetite.”

About the Book:

John and Liz have been best friends for years. Liz is content for things to stay just the way they are. But John's feelings for Liz begin to grow beyond a platonic friendship.

Can he convince Liz to open her eyes and her heart to the beauty of what could be?

Dream Lover is available on Amazon.