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I'm sharing another Sexy Snippet with you all this Sunday. This time it is coming from my third title, Always You! 


“Just one,” she said, trying to sound firm. The husky tone of her voice betrayed her, letting on that she was more aroused than serious.
She held the chocolate up and he bit half of it, then took the other half and held it up to her mouth. She ate the rest of the chocolate and he ran his thumb across her bottom lip then he took his own thumb into his mouth, never taking his eyes off of hers. She let out a heated breath at the exact same moment he leaned down kissed her. He swept his tongue across her lips. “I like your chocolate much better when it’s mixed with you,” he said, his mouth still pressed closely to hers.

About the Book:

Henry Lowell has sworn off serious relationships. After losing his wife days after their son was born, he vowed that he would never go through that kind of pain again. 

Samantha Donovan has had it rough lately. First she loses her father to cancer, and now she's barely hanging on to her confectionery shop because the bills are piling up. On top of all of that, there's one more major change going on in her life and she feels all alone. 

When Henry runs into his younger sister's old best friend, Samantha, and sees that she has been down on her luck, he can't help but step in and help. But will he lose his heart in the process.

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