First of let me preface this by saying I am suffering from a massive book hangover!!!
If you've never experienced one of these, it's one of the best yet exhausting feelings you'll ever have if you are a book lover like myself.
I started this book a couple of weeks ago, but had to put it aside and focus on my own writings. I picked it back up last night and had to FORCE myself to go to bed at four in the morning. I was up again at eight and reading again.

Today I'm sharing my amazon review for Lovers at Heart by Melissa Foster. Those of you who know me by now, know that I absolutely LOVE a family book series (Francis Ray's Grayson series, Brenda Jackson's Westmorelands and Steeles, Chicki Brown's Staffords. Oh! Don't get me started, oh don't get me started! I have a ton of them!) Well I have officially added a new family to my collection! The Bradens!

While this story definitely has a few heated scenes (and oh my those scenes are hot), at it's core, it's a story of forgiveness, healing and of course love. But not romantic love, but the love of this family who as dealt with the loss of a family member for many years and how they are still coping with that loss and how it affects their relationship with one another as a family.

It's definitely one of those stories I love the best. Those stories that make you heart pound, take you on a roller coaster of highs and lows. Makes you want to laugh, cry and even scream at certain characters to get it together!

I've gone on and on! Here's my "official Amazon review"!

A Tale of Wonderful Love

This was the first book I've read by Melissa Foster, but it will certainly not be the last. You have fan for life now Miss Foster!

Treat Braden and Max Armstrong originally meet at a wedding. Although their first encounter is brief, their attraction toward one another is strong. But a misunderstanding on Treat's part causes Max to take off and not look back.

The story actually picks up six months after the wedding. Treat hasn't been able to get Max off of his mind since the wedding, so he decides to head home to try to clear his head.

He is surprised when one of the first people he runs into is Max. And he realizes his feelings for her have not diminished over time and are seeming to grow stronger.

Max is just as surprised to see Treat as he is to see her. But she can't fight whatever is drawing them together anymore than he can. While they attempt to make a go of their relationship, they both have demons they need to face in order to truly make things work. While Treat is finally ready to tackle them head on, Max is a little more gun shy and it takes her a while to figure things out.

This story not only tells the tale of Treat and Max, but there are subtle background stories of Treat's younger siblings; as well as the issues the Bradens have to deal with as a family. 

This story is filled with a little bit of everything! Sweet romance, amazing heat and lots of drama!

Looking forward to reading her next book in the Braden series, Destined for Love.

A few more things:

1. This book is FREE! So you need to hop your butt over to amazon now and pick up Lovers at Heart!
2. Lovers at Heart is book 1 of 6! So you know I will have them all eventually! Lol! It is also book 4 in the Lovers in Bloom series (I also have Book 1 in the Lovers in Bloom Series, Sisters in Love. I haven't read it yet, but I'm eager to. It is also FREE).
3. While they are a series, this one doesn't end in a cliff hanger and it can definitely be read as a stand alone and you won't miss anything if you read them out of order, I don't think. You will definitely get your HEA at the end (that's Happily Ever After, just in case you don't know, but I bet you did!) Check out all of Melissa Foster's books on Amazon! I know I will be!

Well, I'm off to find my next read!

Happy Reading!