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Today I will be sharing my Amazon review for A Woman’s Worth by Chicki Brown:

Chicki Brown Shows the Power of Love in A Woman’s Worth

Gianne Marvray is a cancer survivor and now she is ready to live. When Marc Stafford, the son of Gianne’s doctor, offers to show her a healthier way to live, she takes him up on his offer.

Marc Stafford knows from the moment he sees Gianne that he wants her in his life. He tells everyone around him that he only wants to help her improve her lifestyle by teaching her healthier habits; but even he’s not convinced.

They both have personal issues they have to deal with, and even though they can’t stop the budding relationship, Gianne continues to try to push Marc away. But Marc does a wonderful job of fighting for Gianne and proving that he is worthy of her affection.

I absolutely loved this book. It is the first in the Stafford Brothers series and you get to meet all of the brothers in this book as well as other family members. This story shows a true family, flaws and all.  

It also delves into the world of raw vegans. While I don’t think I could personally do it (haha!), Miss Brown gives a lot of great information and mentions some interesting soundings meals I would try making for my health-conscious husband!

A Woman’s Worth has a little bit of everything: humor, emotion, drama romance, and it is informative as well.

I’m very eager to read more from the Stafford Brothers Series!

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