Greetings lovelies!!!!

As you can see from the very nice looking ticker above, the countdown to the Just One Kiss release is officially on!

I had to dig through the archives of my Facebook page but I found the date of when I completed the first draft!

I can not believe that it has been nearly two years since I first finished this book. Two years it's been sitting on the "shelf", biding it's time, waiting for its turn to be shown off to the world. And a month from now, it will be here!

I enjoyed writing this story, because it was a bit of a challenge. The male character has a secret and when that secret comes out things won't be pretty. If you've read Taking Chances, and After the Storm, you've already met Cassandra McAllister. She is best friends with Miranda Gray (Taking Chances) and the younger sister of Lila McAllister (After the Storm). If you've read After the Storm, you will remember Cassandra being very angry about something. You will find out what that something is in Just One Kiss.

I am so excited to be sharing this and the other stories I have coming up! In Just One Kiss, you will meet Cassandra's cousin and closest relative Cassius McAllister. His story, titled Perfection, will be next. I'm eager to share the next book after Perfection as well, because so far that has been one of my favorites and one of my favorite couples to write about, but I'll hold off for now. You will meet them both in Perfection.

I hope you all are just as eager as I am for Just One Kiss to come out! We are still working on the cover and hopefully I will be doing a cover reveal sometime next week! We shall see though!

Happy Reading!