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Joining us today for another book spotlight in Christina Jones. She is sharing with us her newly released book Finding Forever.

I have had to the pleasure of reading this book and let me tell you, it is ah-may-zing!!! :-D I will be posting a review very soon!

Today she is sharing an awesome excerpt from the book. Let's check it out!


“Hey… you know what else your dad told me?”
I turned to him as I fished my keys out of my purse. “What’s that?”
“He said you were a dancer.”
“Oh, jeez,” I said, bursting into laughter. “I did a few years of ballet when I was a little, and to this day, he swears I could have been Misty Copeland. Avery, I was terrible at ballet then, and I’m terrible at dancing now.”
I nodded my head. “Yes, terrible. I mean, I can keep the beat, but that’s about it. And I can grind with the best of them, Des taught me when we were back in college so I wouldn’t totally embarrass her at the club.”
“I’ll be the judge of that. Next date, I’m taking you somewhere we can dance.”
“Ok, but I warned you….”
“Duly noted.” Avery placed my paper-wrapped canvas in the decorative chair beside the door as he watched me unlock it, then turn back to him. He was leaning against the door, giving me a smirk that was somehow sexier than his full smile.
“Why are you looking at me like that?”
He shrugged. “No real reason. Thinking about one more thing your dad told me.”
“Okay… what?” I asked, cocking my head to the side.
Avery pushed away from the door, and stepped towards me, prompting me to take a step back. “He said you were ticklish. Like… really, really ticklish… but only in one very particular spot.” He gave me a wicked grin as he came forward another step, and I lifted a finger in warning as I took one more — the last one I could— back.
“Don’t you dare, Avery. I hated getting tickled, and I’ve outgrown it anyway.” I pressed my back against the door as he closed the last distance between us. I really had outgrown it, but I didn’t want him trying it anyway... just in case.
“Then why,” he said, placing his hands at the exact spot on my waist, “Are you so scared?”
“I’m not.” It came out in an unintended whisper, because I couldn’t pull in a deep enough breath to speak aloud. He was so close, and it was as if my body recognized him, and was trying to tell me, this is the guy who made us feel so damned good.
“Mmhmm. Relax. I’m not about to tickle you after you said you hated it.” He didn’t move his hands away from my waist, instead pulling my lower body closer to his. “Besides,” he said, with his mouth so close to my ear I felt the brush of his lips. “Don’t you think I’d know if you were ticklish? I’ve already touched you everywhere, Tori. Remember?”
I was too stunned to respond, and I didn’t have a chance anyway, because the next thing I knew, his lips were against mine, and my entire body relaxed in relief, as if I had been waiting on him to do this all night. Had I been waiting on him to do this all night? He teased my lips apart with his tongue, then eased it inside to thrust against mine as I dropped my purse and lifted my hands to the back of his head. I returned his kisses with fervent, frantic ones of my own as he lowered his hands to cup my behind and pull me closer to the eager erection struggling behind the zipper of his jeans. Completely defying everything I’d established about a relationship of any kind with Avery, I was ready to invite him inside. The Maldives were three months too long ago, and his mouth was way too skilled for a silly thing like common sense to prevail.

About the Book:

After her latest ill-fated attempt to find a forever relationship of her own, Tori Kennedy is content with connecting the dots for others, bringing them together in pursuit of lifetime love. Fresh off of the demise of her marriage, she decides to take advantage of an opportunity to do something a little — okay, a lot — crazy, and heavily fueled by an overload of emotions.
Thinking that her impulsive decision and its disastrous results are behind her, Tori moves forward with her pursuit of a happily single existence, until her best friend contacts her with a request that places a constant reminder in her life : Avery.Avery Anderson is the epitome of “the kind of guy your momma warned you about.” Handsome, successful, charming… and not at all interested in being roped into anything that resembles love. Tori ending up in his bed doesn’t surprise him at all — it’s just what he does— but his feelings afterwards? That’s another story. An ultimatum placed on him by his little sister puts him back in arm’s reach of the pretty matchmaker that he can’t get off of his mind, but she’s not taking the bait this time.Tori just wants to be rid of him so that she can move on with her life, and it’s not Avery’s style to chase someone who doesn’t want to be caught. When both parties are content to let the spark flicker out, can love — or something like that— still lead the way to forever?

About the Author:

Christina Jones is a wife, mother, student, graphic designer, and new author who calls Arkansas home. She enjoys writing (and reading!)African American fiction and romance. She is the author of Love and Other Things, Strictly Professional, and The Trouble With Love, Unfinished Business, (the sequel to Strictly Professional) and Finding Forever.