Guess what?

The cover to Just One Kiss is here!!!

Take a peek!!

How do you like it?

About the Book:

Award-winning investigative reporter Cassandra McAllister is finally taking a break. Especially after her latest exposé. Now all she wants is to enjoy her time soaking up the sun on the beach, steps away from her private Jamaican villa. Her mysterious, yet extremely sexy neighbor is a great distraction, and she plans to make him one of her methods of relaxation.

RJ Campbell’s attraction to Cassandra is strong from the first moment he lays eyes on her. But when their lips touch for the first time, he knows he’s a goner. But RJ is harboring a secret that once it’s revealed, could potentially destroy the feelings growing between him and Cassandra.

Can these two overcome the secrets and issues they have and build a lasting relationship? Or will their time together be nothing more than an island rendezvous?

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It's gonna be great!!!

Well, I'm off to try and read!!

Happy Reading!!