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How is everyone doing? I'm finishing up on the final edits of Just One Kiss! I'm very eager to share it with you all so I decided to give you one last excerpt and one last teaser photo!!!

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As soon as she finished her drink, the bartender placed another in front of her. She looked up and smiled.
“Thank you, but I hadn't ordered another yet.”
The bartender smiled and tilted his head. “From the gentleman across the room.”
Then she felt it. The feeling someone was watching her. The heat spiraled through her body. She turned and locked eyes with the most amazing pair of eyes she'd seen. She watched as those eyes slowly assessed her from head to toe, and then back up again. The way his eyes roamed over her body, she could have sworn his hands were actually caressing her. It was one of the most sensual experiences she’d ever had and he wasn’t even close enough to physically touch her. He tried not to squirm as he openly took in every inch of her. She took a moment to tear her eyes away from his gaze and examine the rest of him. Firm jaw, perfect mouth, close-cropped hair, and smooth auburn skin. Then she was drawn back to those eyes. Liquid pools of gold. She was mesmerized. She noticed a ghost of a smile cross his lips, and then he nodded and held his drink up, indicating he was sending her a toast from across the room.
“Excuse me Miss.”
She barely registered the voice next to her.
“I couldn't help but notice you from across the room. I was wondering if you'd like to dance.”
She watched those golden eyes, darken to a hazel. An odd look crossed his face. She shook her head.
“I'm sorry what?” she asked, finally turning to acknowledge the man standing next to her.
“Dance, sweetheart.” She noticed his accent. American. She smiled politely and shook her head. “I think I'll sit this song out.”
She quickly turned back to those eyes.
“Come on.” She felt a slimy finger slide down her bare arm.
Those eyes watching her from across the room darkened even further. He seemed to have a predatory scowl on his face.
“Just one dance.”
She glanced at the persistent man again. “I'm sorry, no.”
The man across the room drained the contents of his glass, and then stood. Cassandra had to force herself not to gape at how tall he was. She felt every nerve in her body go on high alert as she watched him saunter towards her. As he got closer, his lips tilted upward. He was up to something.
He brushed past the man trying to get a dance then pulled her into his arms. “Hello, sweetheart, sorry I'm late.”
And before she could speak, he leaned down and gave her the most mind-shattering kiss she'd ever felt.

Before Cassandra had time to process what was happening the kiss was over.
“Do you want to dance?”
It took her a moment to get her bearings. Her mind was swimming with different feelings.
There was the undeniable attraction she felt, but she there was more.
Suddenly she felt an unspeakable anger rise up in her belly. She didn't give a flying flip how her body reacted to this man, she didn't know him from Adam and he had the nerve to come over and act like some gallant knight in shining armor. Well, she was no damsel in distress.
She smiled sweetly and replied, “No honey, I'm rather tired. I think I'd like to retire for the night.”
“If you say so.”
She finished her martini in one large gulp and slid off the bar stool, without so much as a second glance to the man who'd been trying to get her to dance.
She tried not to react to the touch of Mr. Shining Armor when he placed his hand on the small of her back to guide her out of the club.
They got to the elevator and he pushed the button for them to go down. When it arrived, they stepped on together, along with several people, who got off on different stops. They were several floors above the lobby when they finally had the elevator to themselves. Cassandra remained silent, seething on the inside.  As the bell dinged on the first floor before opening the man turned to her.
“Well that was-”
And before he could finish, she hauled off and slapped him.
“I don't take too kindly to strangers coming up from nowhere and kissing me. You'd do yourself a favor to remember that.”
Then she stormed out of the elevator, leaving the man shocked and rubbing his cheek.

About the Book:

Award-winning investigative reporter Cassandra McAllister is finally taking a break. Especially after her latest exposé. Now all she wants is to enjoy her time soaking up the sun on the beach, steps away from her private Jamaican villa. Her mysterious, yet extremely sexy neighbor is a great distraction, and she plans to make him one of her methods of relaxation.

RJ Campbell’s attraction to Cassandra is strong from the first moment he lays eyes on her. But when their lips touch for the first time, he knows he’s a goner. But RJ is harboring a secret that once it’s revealed, could potentially destroy the feelings growing between him and Cassandra.

Can these two overcome the secrets and issues they have and build a lasting relationship? Or will their time together be nothing more than an island rendezvous?

Just One Kiss available June 20, 2014

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