Good morning lovelies!

I haven't shared any Sexy Snippets with you all in a while! Well today you're for a treat! 

As always, thank you Sexy Snippets for allowing me to join in! Check out all of the awesome authors below!

I've been so busy getting my next book ready that I haven't really had time to work on my current work in progress :-( That has made me very sad. But I am happy that it is almost time for Just One Kiss to make its debut!

Until then, I've decided this week's Sexy Snippet will be from my current work in progress. It is untitled at the moment, but it is going to be the 8th book and the 5th in the McAllister series.

Speaking of McAllisters (whom I love so much! And I know the ladies are waiting to meet some of these McAllister men!), have you seen my McAllister Family Tree?  

I've updated it quite a bit since the one in After the Storm!

Now on to the Sexy Snippet!

I don't want to give too much away, but in this scene my two main characters (Anthony and Denise) are at a hospital gala dancing. He is trying to convince her that they should spend more time together, and she's not so sure about it...

"...I don’t think I need to remind you where we were not even fifteen minutes ago.”
“Which was mostly your doing,” she pointed out.
“And you sure as hell weren’t stopping me. In fact, I remember your body responding very well to what was happening. Admit it Dee, if it hadn’t been for the                     coming back when he did, five more minutes and I would have taken you completely in that room. Right about now, I would have been inside of you and you would have loved it.”

Well, I believe that was only six sexy sentences instead of seven! But I think the last two were hot all on their own and pretty much said everything that needed to be said!

I'm sure you noticed I blanked out who showed up and interrupted whatever was going on (P.S. If you haven't already, there's no use in trying to highlight the blank space lol)! I bet you're wondering where they were "not even fifteen minutes ago." But you know my characters tend to get frisky wherever the mood strikes. Making out in elevators; making love on the floor in the foyer. It's like a sexy version of Clue!

This story will be out sometime next year!

Until then I've got three upcoming books to tide you over!

Just One Kiss (comes out in a few short weeks)-June 20, 2014

Perfection-November 28, 2014 (The day after Thanksgiving a.k.a. "Black Friday")

Love After War-I'm gonna say February 13, 2015 (Valentine's Day Weekend)

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