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It's been a while since I wrote a post about me and what's happening. Been doing a lot of promotional posts and have had some awesome guests visiting my blog!

My blog was actually down, for like a day. That was awful, I thought I'd lost everything, but it was fixed quickly.

So let's get down to business. I was planning to get back to work on book 8, which I finally have a title for. Just One Night, coming out some time next summer. But Anthony and Denise are having some issues right now they need to work out and are not quite ready for me to get back to writing. They'll work it out in due time ;-)

A few months ago, I started having ideas for other stories, so I jotted a few notes down and said I would start working on it after the promoting for Just One Kiss slowed down and I finished writing Just One Night, but these two characters would leave me alone and demanded my attention go to them right now. So now I'm writing a short story (or novella, I don't know yet, we'll see by the word count lol) titled Homecoming. This is what I'm sharing my sexy snippet from.

And because my husband is so wonderful and awesome, I already have the cover to share with you guys! So this is also a cover reveal now! Yay!

Homecoming-Coming soon!

A little bit about Homecoming...

Troy and Veronica have grown up together in the small (fictional) town of Colton, Texas. They shared a brief moment together as teenagers, but soon after Troy leaves for college.
After 15 years of being away (besides the occasional visit) Troy has returned home and the first person he comes into contact with Veronica. Their attraction is hard for them to ignore, as you can see from this snippet (P.S. This is unedited ::smiley face::):

She stared at him for a moment, and then threw her arms around his neck and pulled his mouth down onto hers.
The kiss caught him so off guard that he nearly fell back into the grass. He regained his balance and wrapped his arms around her waist and took over the kiss. He walked her backward until she was pressed against the truck. His hands slid slowly up her back, then back down and he cupped her back side.
She pulled away slightly and in between light kisses, she murmured, “We’re supposed to be attempting to be around each other without acting like horny teenagers.”
He smiled against her lips. “Well…the first time we kissed, we were horny teenagers. At least I was..."

I've really been enjoying writing this story, for several reasons. One, it's been awhile since I wrote, and I feel like I'm knocking this one out of the park. Another reason, is it makes me think of home. My family comes from a small town in Texas where I grew up mostly, I feel nostalgic writing this.
And then there's the soundtrack to this book! I love music and it gives me so much inspiration as I write. As I've been writing, I've been keeping track of some of my favorite songs and I've put together a playlist to share with you all!!! So take a break from what you're doing and listen to some nice tunes!!!

My Homecoming Playlist

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Happy Reading!

P.S. Today is my Grandfather's birthday! Happy birthday Paw Paw, even though I know you won't see this lol...I need to write about an old man like him...he's hilarious....