Troy and Veronica see each other for the first time in 15 years...


Sure enough, several minutes later, Troy could see the tow truck barreling down the road. He watched as the tow truck whizzed by, kicking up a cloud of dust. It suddenly stopped then backed up right in front of his rental car.

The front door swung open but he couldn’t see who got out, because of all of the dust.

As the dust began to settle, Troy got out of his car to meet his rescuer.

“I hear you got a flat.”

That voice.

Troy began walking through the dust as it cleared and was surprised at the site before him.


She stopped at the sound of her name and looked up at him. She studied his face for a moment, then her eyes grew wide with realization.

“Troy?” she whispered.

He took a step back as he took a good look at her. Her caramel skin glowed under the warm sun. Her long legs were clad in shorts and she had on a tank top with a loose plaid shirt over it. Her hair was in French braid that fell down over one shoulder, under her baseball cap. The look was completed with her boots.

Little Ronnie Baker had grown up to be a gorgeous woman.

“Wow, I haven’t seen you since…”

“Prom night.”

He thought back. Impossible. Had it really been that long since he’d seen her.

“It can’t have been fifteen years since I last saw you,” he said, thinking out loud.

She smiled. “Yep. It’s been that long.” She turned and headed back to the truck.

“Well, I’m going to get your car all hooked up so we can get out of here. I’m sure your dad’s waiting on you.”


Veronica sat in the truck and let out a deep breath. Boy, what a man Troy Hartford had turned out to be! For years she’d imagined what it would be like to finally see him again. This certainly wasn’t how she thought it would be. She glanced down at her clothes and groaned.

Get a grip, she told herself, he’s seen you look much worse.

She shook her head, started the truck and got to work getting the car ready to be towed.