Hey all! It's been a while since I posted anything! I've been super busy. I entered Harlequin's So You Think You Can Write Contest! I'm super excited about this book. Originally I was going to submit Love After War, the novel slated to come out in February. But I felt like the style of writing was a tad bit different from Harlequin and so I decided to start from scratch with a brand new story. So I took a story (that only had about 1,000 words) that I had been working on that originally was suppose to be a short story and create this story that I completely feel in love with. I wrote it in two weeks. There were a lot of late nights, moments of doubt and even more moments of me calling myself "bat shit crazy" for deciding to write an entire new story in less than a month. But I also kept reminding myself that I wrote Homecoming in a week, so I could do this! Anyway, I'm eager to share a little but from my Chapter 1 submission to you all! The Top 25 will be announced on or around October 10 (hopefully that's a good omen for me, it kicks off the hubby and my anniversary weekend!), so keep your fingers and toes and eyes crossed that I make it! Well, enough of my babbling! Let's get to it! 

    The warm smoky voice clearly did not belong to the barista who’d taken her order. She slowly peered over her book to see Jaden standing over her, holding her cup out in front of her, with a heart-stopping smile on his face.

    She sat there looking at him for a moment, in slight shock. In the year and a half that she’d been frequenting Mellow Mocha, she couldn’t recall him saying more than an occasional hello to her.

    He smiled then said, “Our drinks were ready at the same time, so I figured I’d save a trip. You look so into your book.”

    Finally, she reached up and took the cup from him. Her fingers brushed against his slightly and she felt a jolt rush through her body.

Read the rest of chapter one of Let Me Love You (which I may have to change the title, I'm thinking Brewing Up Love) and comment here: 


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