Today I'm featuring a review for Fall In Love Again by my good friend and fellow author, Christina C. Jones.

Fall In Love Again is the third book in her Serendipitous Love series (All of which I have read and LOVED!). It is her tenth book release! Congrats lady!

Here is my Amazon review:

Could NOT Put This Book Down

I think this may be my favorite in this series, if not my favorite out of all of the books I've read by Mrs. Jones!

I loved Charlie and Nix.

Charlie and Nix were in a long relationship that went south. After several more years of being away, Charlie returns home and she and Nixon seem to pick right back up where they left off, with some reservations by Charlie. But Nix is determined to make the most of his second chance with Charlie, redeem himself and prove that things can be better a second time around.

This story will make you laugh and cry, and the heat level is so off the charts. I loved Nix and that mouth of his!

I started this book this morning and finished it this evening. I was so engrossed in the story that I was reading it while I was in the kitchen kneading bread dough!

I can't wait to read more, and I hope to see some more stories from some of the other interesting characters in this series 

I have to reieterate how much I LOVED this couple! Miss Jones has a true knack for reeling you into her books and keeping you captivated!

About the book:

Everybody knows you don’t marry the rebound guy.

And yet, that’s exactly what Charlie does. But once the husband is out of picture — kinda — she’s ready to leap forward with her life. She returns to the neighborhood she left, the business she missed, and into arm’s reach of Nixon — the reason she needed a rebound guy in the first place.

Other than rebuilding her life, Charlie has one main goal now that she’s back in the place she considers home: Stay as far away from Nixon as she can. But their long history, his magnetic charm, and a certain sense of unfinished business makes that much, much harder than Charlie thought.

Nixon is willing to own up to his part in their break up, but for Charlie, finding a place of forgiveness is going to take much more than that. She’s willing to take a chance on friendship — something they’ve had since they were kids — but falling in love again? That’s a whole different story.

Fall In Love Again, as well as all other nine releases, can be found on amazon.

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