I know I've been quiet lately except for the occasional excerpt (which I hope you love!) But After my Christmas release I have been taking a (small) break from writing. (I've been back to my Domestic Diva on) It feels like I've been nonstop since July. Well I'm about to hop on another bullet train of writing and today I wanted to share some trailers I've created for two brand new series I have coming out this year (Don't worry you will still get plenty of the McAllisters and Coalton, TX still)

Just a side note: *smiles with pride* the track on the second trailer was created by yours truly. :-) It's making me want to created more music tracks for my trailers I make. Always a busy girl, that Té Russ. Lol!

Well enjoy amd get ready to see a whole lot more from me in 2015!!!

In the Line of Love: The Series


 The Four Seaseons of Love Series


I have several more trailers I've done for other books. Be sure to check them out on YouTube!