"Did you two save room for dessert?"
They both looked at the waiter, then back to each other. Xavier raised an eyebrow up in question. Maya nodded and they looked over the dessert tray and picked one to share. 
As they dug into the sweet confection, Xavier looked at Maya and said, "This is by far the best second date I've ever been on."
Maya's hand froze, the spoon hovering close to her mouth. 
"Second date?" she said. "How can this be a second date when we've never gone a first."
"Oh but we did."
Maya thought for a minute, then laughed saying, "I know you're not counting your wine tour as a first date!"
"Why not?" he asked, smiling. 
"Because you were there for a tour."
"Yes, but look at how the tour ended," he said, pointing his spoon in her direction. "We ended up sitting in a romantic setting, enjoying food and wine. Just like we are doing now. So, I'd say that makes a first date."
She wanted to remind him that the food was meant for him...and Darby, but she didn't want to bring that woman up anymore. Especially after Xavier's revelation of her infidelity.
Maya cracked a small smile as she dug into the dessert. "I see this is something we are just going to have to agree to disagree on."
They spent the rest of the evening enjoying each other's company, laughing and talking, while the train continued to whisk them away.

Several hours later, the train finally returned to it's station.
Xavier escorted Maya to her car to make sure she arrived safely. When they got to her car, she reached into her purse and pulled out her car keys.
She unlocked her car, opened the door then turned to face Xavier.
"I really enjoyed myself tonight," Maya said, looking up at him.
"So did I," Xavier said, taking a step closer to her. "I enjoyed myself so much in fact, I can't wait to ask you on a third date."
"Second," she corrected, with a grin on her face. She took a step closer to him as well. "And I'm ready when you are."
"Next week?"
"You're getting a lot of mileage, making all of these weekend trips to Napa," she teased.
"It's definitely worth it," he replied.
"How about I do the traveling next weekend?" Maya suggested. 
Xavier smiled and closed the distance between them. "You mean you come to Sacramento?"
"Sure, I go there all of the time. My sister lives there."
He thought about it for a moment then, nodded. "Next weekend at Wined & Dined?"
"Sounds perfect."
They stood there for a few minutes in silence. The crisp night air, along with Xavier's heated stare, caused Maya to tremble. 
"Are you cold?" Xavier asked, reaching out to gently rub her arms. 
"Just had a little chill."
"Well, you should get in your car and warm up."
Maya nodded, but neither of them made a move. She continued to stand there and he continued slowly running his hands up and down her bare arms. Then she found his hands moving up from her arms to cup the back of her head. She tilted her face up and their lips touched in a sweet kiss that ended much too soon for either of their liking. 
"Shoot me a text when you make it home?" It wasn't a command, just a gentle urging.
"Okay, and you do the same."
"You got it."
He released her and took a step back so she could get in the car. He held on to the car door, looking down at her for another moment. He ran his thumb over his bottom lip, gave her a sexy grin as he shook his head as if in amazement, then stood.
"Goodnight Maya."

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