Hi guys!

I know you all are as eager as I am for my latest release, A Spring Affair. I got the idea for this new series late last year. I only planned to release a few books this year, but now...well let's just say a few more have been added. :-)

I just wanted to hop on and give a quick note. I already made a post on facebook, but wanted to share again. 

There was a formatting error I caught after the book was already in the publishing process, which means I can not upload the latest version until after the book goes live tomorrow. It will be the first thing I do in the morning, followed by contacting Amazon to inform them of the change and hopefully they will get the updated copies out promptly. 

The issue won't hinder you from reading the book, but there are some areas that are italicized that should not be. 

Just wanted to let you guys know I've caught it and it will be fixed ASAP.

Lots of Love and thanks for all of your support!