Today Sheena Binkley shares an excerpt from her book, Trust Me. We get to see a very sweet and romantic scene between Marcus and Cheryl. 

Excerpt – Marcus

Wow! I never would have thought I would finally admit to someone that I loved her. I said I would never say that to anyone, but now, as I stared at Cheryl, I wanted to keep saying it, telling anyone who would listen how much she meant to me. I don’t know where all these feelings were coming from, but the way she’s making me feel, I didn’t want them to end.
When I looked at her earlier, I could tell by the way she looked at me that she felt the same way. Even before she mentioned it, something took over me and ensured me that this was the right time for us to be together.
She gave a beautiful smile as she took my hand in hers. Just the sight of her, the way she looked at me and how her eyes shined, made me feel so lucky that she loved me too. Now, I understood the way Shawn acted when he first fell for Riana because I’m experiencing it now, and it felt pretty damn good.
“Where are we going?” she asked.
I looked at her, then kissed her cheek.
“You’ll see soon.”
I continued to drive, turning on the street which housed my surprise. I glanced at her again, becoming nervous with the idea of being with her. Sure, I was excited and horny, but I was also anxious. This was the first time I had ever brought anyone to this place, so I knew the love I had for Cheryl was real and special.
Once we got out of the car, I took her hand as we went toward the door. I opened it and let her go in before me. She stepped inside, wondering where we were.
“What is this, Marcus?”
I closed the door and gave her a warm smile.
“When my parents both attended Shaw, my dad took my mom here for their one year anniversary. He told me that he wanted to do something special for her, so he decided to take her to a bed-and-breakfast. They came here, had a wonderful time, and ever since then, they came here for their anniversary. Well, until I came along. In fact, I was conceived here.”
Cheryl squeezed my hand and smiled.
“And you wanted to bring me here?”
“It was more than just that. My parents shared a lot of good memories here. Like all couples, they've had their share of ups and downs, so this was their haven to come to and to relive those moments that made them the couple they were. They went back to their way of happiness, and this was it.”
“Why do you have the key to this place if it’s a bed-and-breakfast?”
“My parents were good friends with the owners, so when they retired, my parents bought the place. They didn’t want it going to some stranger who didn’t know the history of the house, so my parents wanted to keep it close to them. Sometimes, they did come up here to visit and reminisce, but when I turned 18, they handed the keys over to me, saying they wanted me to take over the place and create the same memories they did with the person I loved.”
Cheryl looked at me with tears coming from her eyes.
“That’s why I wanted our first time to be special. I wanted it to be here, so we could begin creating memories that will last a lifetime.”
Cheryl lowered her head, in tears over what I just said. I lifted her chin and stared into her light brown eyes.
“There are some things I need to do first, so just get comfortable, and I’ll be back.” I said, kissing her forehead.
Cheryl smiled and looked up at me with a sincere smile.
I quickly ran upstairs, going straight to the first room, which was the perfect room for the night. After 10 minutes of setting up, I went back downstairs. Cheryl was standing near the couch, looking around the room, when she noticed me. She gave me a sweet smile, which made my heart flutter. Damn, did I just say that?
I went over to her and pulled her towards me. I moved my lips to hers, feeling her soft, sweet lips on mine. She put her arms around me, caressed the back of my neck and slid her tongue inside of my mouth. I lifted her up, cradling her as we headed upstairs, carefully taking a step at a time. She kissed my neck and sucked my skin as I held her tighter.
We went inside, and I put her down, giving her a chance to look around the room.
“Wow, Marcus,” she said in amazement.
I setup the room with candlelight, including inside the fireplace, and a plate of strawberries and whipped cream was placed near the table by the bed. Avant and Keke Wyatt’s “You and I” was playing on the stereo.
Cheryl turned to me and gave me a kiss, then turned her back to me. I put my arms around her while I let her take in the view. I had to admit, the night looked beautiful with stars lowing everywhere, and the clear blue water of the lake was shining bright, making the mood even more romantic.
“I can’t believe you did all of this.”
“Why wouldn’t I? You’re special to me, and I want our first time together to be special.”
“Now, I have to ask, where did you get the strawberries and whipped cream? From what you said, you don’t come here often.”
“I recently stocked the fridge with food. I figured eventually, we would come here.”
“Oh really?” she asked, moving her hands down my chest.
“Yes, I did. I knew we would be together. I’m pretty sure you did, too.”
“Definitely,” Cheryl said, before giving me a long, sensual kiss.
I slowly moved my hand down her chest and lifted up her shirt. I stared at her, gazing at her beautiful skin. She slowly unbuttoned my shirt, pulling me close to her. We moved over to the bed, and I gradually took off her shoes and pants. She did the same for me, then moved her lips down my chest. I slowly touched her skin, getting excited by the feel of her pressed so close against me.
I reached over and grabbed the strawberries and whipped cream. I dipped the berry in the cream, putting it toward Cheryl’s lips. She smiled and parted her lips as she took the strawberry into her mouth. She smiled sensually as she stared at me.
“This is the most romantic thing I have ever done.”
“Well, get ready because there will be more to come,” I said, kissing her lips.
She then put a strawberry to my lips. I bit into it, moved the stem from her hand and gently licked the excess cream from her finger.
“You taste better than the strawberry.”
Cheryl blushed as I turned her around. I took some whipped cream, pushed her hair to the side, and I put some on the back of her neck. I licked her, then gave her tiny kisses on her back.
“So sweet,” I whispered.
I turned her toward me and added some whipped cream to her breasts. I licked it off of her, then sucked her nipples. I went up to her ear, grazing my lips against her.
“So delectable,” I whispered, kissing her again as I looked at her.
Cheryl clawed my back, and a moan escaped from my lips. She drew me to her, her pretty eyes landing on me.
“I’m ready, Marcus.”
I smiled, kissing her from her chest to her navel. I went to my wallet and pulled out a condom..
“Are you sure you're ready?”
“I’m definitely ready.”
I put the condom on as I went back to her.
“Say how much you want me,” I said, lying myself on her.
Cheryl stared at me as I kissed her again.
“I want you so much, Marcus,” she said as she widened herself for me to come in.
“How much?” I whispered, slowly entering her.
She tightened her hands around me and leaned her head back.
I held her tightly as I slowly moved inside of her. I didn’t want to rush this moment with her. I wanted to stay like this for as long as I could.
She wrapped her legs around me and kissed my lips while continuing to dig into my back. I took both of her hands, clasping them with mine and snuggled against her. I loved everything about this girl: her personality, the way she smiled, her lips, her body, the way she tasted.
Everything about her made me go crazy, which made this moment with her beautiful.
“I love you, Marcus,” Cheryl whispered, sensing that she was done for. I knew I was once she said those words to me.
We came together, still clutching each other, completely speechless about what we just shared.
I stared at her, truly mesmerized by her.
I didn’t know love could feel like this. This strange but astonishing feeling flowed through me in the most exciting way. After everything we shared the past six months, we could both say what we really meant to each other, and I know now that we have so much more to experience.
Not just as friends, but as a couple. I didn’t care if I was being emotional right now because I wouldn't change the feelings she gave me for anything.
I’m glad my first experience at love is with her, and I know now I don’t ever want to lose her.

About the Book


Falling in love is something I’d never imagined. I didn’t think love existed, mainly because of the way I was raised. Relationships were never in the cards, especially since I gave a chance on one, and it nearly destroyed me. 

When I met Marcus Walker, I was only looking for a fling, nothing more; but the more time I spent with him, the more I realized he could be so much more. Not only has he helped me through my family drama but also with a situation I thought was way behind me. Now, I understand what love is and how powerful it can be. But will I let myself be loved, or will I continue to believe that love is not for me? 


One thing I said I will never do in my life is fall in love. Being in love is great for some people, but not for me. That all changed when I met Cheryl Thompson. 

At first, I thought she would be like the rest, just a one-night stand, but when I saw what she was going through, I realized she was much more than a fling; she was someone I wanted to commit to. Will I be able to trust myself and give her what she needs, or will I end up destroying her even more?

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Sheena Binkley first discovered her love for storytelling when writing her first story for a class project at the tender age of nine. Since then, she has composed several short stories and numerous tales that are not only engaging, but simply entertaining. She is also a freelance writer, penning articles on various topics including education and entertainment. Besides writing, she loves reading, shopping, and spending time with family and friends. She lives in Houston (where the weather is always unpredictable) with her husband and son.

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