Ebony Nicole Smith visits today with an excerpt from her book, Eve's Confession. In this excerpt, we see that when the kids are away, the parents like to play!


“Happy Sunday, Grandma!”
“Happy Sunday to you, baby.” She bent down to kiss CJ and he gave her a big hug. 
“Where’s Dad?” I asked as I sat up in the bed, still a little tired from the night before.
“Downstairs, his knees were bothering him,” she said, sitting on the bed.
“Oh,” I replied looking away from her. 
“Look at my pretty grandbaby. Are you ready for church?” she said to Jay, picking her up. 
Jay looked and nodded her head. She was happy to go somewhere, anywhere, she didn’t care.
“We’re going to leave. Are you two going to meet us after church?” my mom asked.
Shamar patted his stomach “Yes ma’am. You know I loves me some food! I can eat a horse if you cook it right.” 
CJ looked at Shamar and shook his head. “Grandma, I told you my daddy and mommy crazy, but nobody wants to believe me.” He shrugged his shoulders and walked out the door. 
My mom laughed, picked up Jay’s diaper bag, and then walked out behind him. 
“Go get in the car,” my mother said, laughing and pushing him out of the door after he said his goodbyes to his dad and me. 
“I will call you when we leave church,” Mom said. She pointed her finger at me, and continued, “And you, Miss Thing. Your godfather will be mad at you for not showing up today.”  
“I know, but I will be there next time. I promise,” I said.
Adding his unsolicited two-cents, Shamar said, “You know she’s lying, right?” 
I threw a pillow at him that bounced off his chest and onto the bed. 
“I’ll get her in there next Sunday, front row,” he said and threw the pillow back at me.
“You gonna be there too, right?” my mom asked as she nodded her head. 
“Woo, you said he’ll be mad at Eve, not me. So, you know.” Shamar smiled and shrugged his shoulders. 
“Let me go before I have to snatch you two out this door for church. I’ll see y’all later.”
“Okay, Ma,” he kissed her and Jay, then locked the door and looked out of the window to watch them leave.

“Do you remember that promise I made to you?” he asked as he walked towards me.
I nodded my head. “The one where you promised to give meyour credit card and bank card whenever I want it, no questions asked? Was that the one?” 
He stood at the end of the bed looking down at me and licking his lips. “You better stop licking them lips like that. I might have to put them to work,” I said.
He smirked, walked over to the TV and turned it off. “The promise I made last night. The one when I said that I would get that ass as soon as the kids left.”
“Mmm, sounds good to me. But, you have to do something before you get this.”
I opened my legs as he crawled on to the bed and lay on top of me. With him kissing on my neck and moving his hand up and down my thighs, I moved my hips up to him and let out a moan to let him know I was getting ready for him. He sat up and removed his shirt as I moved my hand down into his sweat pants. Looking at him, I licked my lips and smiled seductively. 
He said, “You want that?”
 I nodded my head and stroked his bone as he pulled down my shorts and ran his hand over the slit of my body and thighs. “Sit up so this shirt can come off.” 
I guess I wasn’t taking my shirt off fast enough for him because he tried to help me, but I got hung up in it. One arm was out and the other in the air stuck along with my head. We laughed as he took it off and laid me back down. He kissed and sucked on my nipples. I rubbed his head, shoulders, back, and moaned as he fingered my opening. I sat up and pushed him back to his knees. I kissed and sucked on his chest as I stroked his hardness.
 I told him to stand up as I wanted to do something to him. He smiled and quickly got out of the bed. He stood in front of me as I moved him in and out of my mouth. He moaned as I inhaled every inch of him. I sucked him like I was trying to get to the middle of a tootsie pop. Just like that, I didn’t know how many licks or sucks it would take to get to his creamy core, but when I did, I enjoyed it. He moved back and forth with each back and forth motion I gave with my head. He grabbed the back of my head and held it. I didn’t move. I left my mouth open for him to do what he wanted. That was good hood love. 
“I’m about to cum, Baby,” he groaned, holding on to my head. I felt his fingers run through my hair. I wasn’t sure if I felt what I had, so I asked. Pulling him from my mouth, “Mmm, did I just feel you tap on my head? I think you tapped out just like I knew you would.” I put him back in my mouth. 
“I didn’t tap. I rubbed. There’s a difference.”
I held on to his waist and sucked and inhaled him until his juices flowed from inside him to inside of me. He tasted as good as he looked. His legs gave way, but he caught his balance by holding on to the wall. He laid on the bed panting and whispered my name. Shaking his head, he said he hated me for what I did and he would to get pay back. 
I told him, “Get off the kid’s bed and come get me.” 
“You ain’t saying nothing but a word.” 
In one swoop he was on the bed with me. He put my legs on his shoulders and his face between my thighs. I held the back of his head while he sucked and inhaled me. It didn’t take long to make my sweet spot cream. My legs had a mind of their own as they locked around his face, but that did not stop him. 
He licked me from the bottom to the top. He did circles around my soft button with his tongue. He massaged my g-spot causing my juices to flow more. He moved his ring finger and middle finger deep inside me. I came again, pushing his head into my pussy. I began to feel the pleasures of his tongue wear me down. 
“Stop, stop.” I tapped on his head while my clit pulsated in his mouth. I panted just as he had done. 
He sat up and laughed at me, then said, “I made that million dollar pussy tap out.” 

We laughed as he laid on top me. We kissed and our juices mixed in our mouths. His erection lay on top of my moist center while I stroked it a little. I made sure he was ready, then I put him inside me. I raised my hips to him, but he came down slow and hard, pinning me to the bed. He moved up and down a few times before moving to the side of me. He put my legs together getting me on my side then re-entered me. He moved in and out slowly, just the way I liked it, my old school. He held me close to him, not stopping even when I tried to push him away. My body twitched and locked as I started to cum again. He knew just what to do to get me where I needed to be. He lifted my left leg and played with my pussy. 
Words, again, disappeared as he moved a little faster as his ending started to rise. He rolled on top of me and gazed into my eyes. I saw his orgasm building. With my right leg locked in his arm, left leg on his shoulder, the juices from my middle played a beautiful ballad as he led us toward ecstasy. 
He whispered, “I’m about to cum, Eve. I’m about to cum.” 
I uttered back, “Me too.” 
The headboard knocked hard on the wall. With each stroke of his love stick, I dug my nails into his back. My body twitched, I laid my head into him, bit his shoulder, and came.  He squeezed my butt, bit my neck, and he came. Our moans were the base line, our breathing the hook, our juices the lyrics of love. 

About the Book:

After a year of marriage counseling, the Dawson’s were finally, back on track to a lasting relationship. Unfortunately, the joys of marriage would be disrupted, yet again, by a source neither party saw coming. The longing to be the center of her husband’s life, Eve found that being the center of anyone’s life was better than nothing. For her, the young delivery driver was just the one to set her where she wanted to be. Blowing caution and responsibility to the wind, Eve embarked on a journey that turned her world upside down while tilting the lives of those around her. Dance to the beats of Eve’s heart as she confesses her fleshy sins and desires in Eve’s Confession: Songs of a Lustful Soul.

Eve’s Confession can be purchased on paperback at:  www.createspace.com/4424380 or click the following link for Amazon e-book copy of EvesConfession

Also available by Ebony Nicole Smith:

5Harts: Re-releasing May 2015

For years, Bill and Chardress Hart attempted to have a child of their own. With a number of miscarriages to harden their desires, they stepped out on faith and sought parenthood another way: adoption. Through distance, time and a lot of prayer, the Harts open their home and hearts to three children that would soon change their world. The decision, which was easily made, was met with much resistance from their oldest adopted son. Determined to keep their new family a float, Chardress opens up the wounds of her childhood to help heal the wounds of her son. But will her sacrifices be enough to save him before it’s too late? 

About the Author:

Ebony Nicole Smith is the author of a number of Christian novels and short stories, aspiring playwright, blogger, mentor to aspiring authors and follower of Jesus Christ. She was also a featured writer for Our Voice Magazine.  Her short stories will appear on the re-launch of her blog, www.ebonynicolesmith.com/rollinghills, beginning June 2015. Ebony penned her first novel in 2010, which was the outlet she needed to distance herself from a toxic relationship, and released it in 2012. Since then, Ebony has released a full-length novel every year. She is currently writing her first play, titled An Afternoon with Immanuel, which will hit the stage in 2016. The next novel to be released at the end of 2015 is The Beautiful Side of Evil. Ebony is a mentor to Christian women who desires to know their worth in Christ Jesus and those that have yet to have known Him. 
Eve’s Confession is available now! 5Harts will be re-launched in May 2015.

You can connect with Ebony on Twitter and Instagram @ebnicsmith, FB under her name and via email at novelist@ebonynicolesmith.com. Her novels are available on Nook, Kindle and paperback on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel.