From Sultry Summer Nights, June 21, 2015


Dylan let out a frustrated sigh.
He yanked the knot out of his tie that once again had ended up looking a mess as he stood in front of the mirror.
"Come in," he shouted, when he heard the gentle knocking at the door.
Julie stuck her head in the room and smiled and it was like a balm to his soul.
"You're here," he said in a relieved tone.
"I don't want to get in the way," she said. "I just want to say hi before the ceremony started–"
He grabbed her hand, pulled her inside and wrapped his arms around her after slamming the door shut.
"Dylan, what's wrong?" she asked, pulling away.
"This stupid tie," he said, holding the fabric up. "I can't get it right."
Julie held her hand out. "Give it to me."
He handed it over and watched as she effortlessly tied his tie for him. He turned and looked in the mirror and saw that it was perfect. 
"Now," she said, looking at him through the mirror. "You want to tell me what's really bothering you?"
He closed his eyes and hung his head. "I shouldn't be the one doing this today."
"Giving your sister away." She rubbed his shoulders that were filled with tension. "You miss him."
"I hate that he's not here to see this, to be a part of this."
"Dylan...he is here. You and mother have made sure that he is not forgotten on this day."
"What if I screw up?"
"Walking her down the aisle? How could you possibly screw that up? You're just putting one foot in front of the other."
"What if I trip over my own feet? Or step on the train of her dress? Or–"
"Didn't you practice last night at the rehearsal dinner?"
"And did you have any problems then?"
"No, but–"
"Dylan, you will be fine. It will all be fine. This is your sister's wedding day, you aren't going to let anything ruin her day. Not even you."
Dylan pulled Julie into his arms again for another hug. "I love...that you're here."
He wanted to say it. But he wasn't sure how she'd react, so at the last minute, he'd changed his words. 
"I'm glad to be here too." She took a step out of his arms and headed for the door. "You'll be fine. I'll see you after the wedding."