The first day of the conference had been great. But Nathan found himself looking around often for Camille’s face. He hadn’t had any luck that first night, but his gut told him she was there somewhere. He may not have seen her yet, but he could feel her presence. So the second day of the conference he tried a different tactic. He took his pamphlet that had the schedule of seminars and scanned them to find to ones he figured Camille was more than likely to attend. 
He’d known Camille for over ten years, and they’d been a couple during half of that time. No one knew her like he’d known her. And he was sure that fact was still true even after having not seen her after three years.
His eyes landed on a particular seminar and he circled it.
“Bingo,” he murmured with a satisfied grin on his face. He looked at the time the seminar was starting and then down at his watch. He had ten minutes to get to the other side of the resort.
Shoving the pamphlet in his back pocket, he quickly made the trek. He was in front of the door when someone rushed past him, knocking the notepad he was holding out of his hand onto the ground. As he crouched down to pick up his notepad, his eyes locked on a pair of long, gorgeous legs in a pair of incredibly high heels.
Long, gorgeous, familiar legs. 
But even if he didn’t recognize those legs, he definitely recognized her scent.
He stood slowly and his eyes swept over Camille.
Damn,” he exhaled, as all of the air rushed out of his lungs. He wasn’t sure how it was possible, but she looked even more beautiful than he remembered. She’d clearly been working out, because her already amazing body was now even more toned.
The skirt she was wearing that stopped at her knees looked like it had been poured onto her, hugging her trim waist and sexy hips. The sleeveless blouse outline her breasts that he remembered feasting on countless times as he made love to her.
Gone was the long, natural hair she’d always worn pulled back into a tight bun or ponytail and in  its place was a sleek chin length bob, that framed her beautiful brown face.
And speaking of her face…
His eyes locked with hers the moment she noticed him and he watched as her big, pretty brown eyes grew wide with shock. She slowed down her walk for a moment, and took him in. He stood to his full height and cautiously walked toward her.
“Hi,” he said.
It wasn’t the smooth greeting he’d imagined he’d say if he ever saw her again, but it was the most he seemed to be able to say at the moment.
“Hi,” Camille responded.
“Been a long time,” he said. Three years, four months, and six days, but who’s counting, he thought, but was definitely not going to say out loud.
“Yeah,” she said, nodding. “It has been. You’re…uh…you’re looking well.”
“So are you.”
She looked down at her watch. “I don’t wan to seem like I’m brushing you off, but this seminar is about to start and I don’t want to miss it.”
“It’s cool,” Nathan said. He opened the door for her and she once again looked surprised when he followed her in.
“You’re coming to this seminar?” she asked in disbelief.
“Why wouldn’t I?” he asked, smiling.
“Because you’ve always hated seminars like this.”
“Maybe I’ve grown to enjoy them over the years,” he said.
She studied him for a moment, not convinced by his words. “Somehow I doubt that.” Then she turned and searched for a seat.
It was just his luck that the room was just about to capacity and the only seat left was across the room, facing Camille. Which meant he would be able to see her during the entire lecture. He would have preferred being able to sit right next to her, but this was the next best thing.
He watched as she settled into her seat, crossed her legs and sat her notebook on her lap, ready to take notes. Her gaze briefly slid in his direction, but when she noticed that he was looking at her, she quickly averted her eyes.
The speaker was announced and everyone clapped as he walked up to the podium. As he began talking, Nathan found himself completely distracted. There was no way he would be able to focus for the next two hours on anything but the woman who used to be his entire world.

Or at least should have been.