In book two of the Espresso Empire series by Phyllis Bourne we meet Cole Sinclair, who is working his butt of to revitalize his family's company Espresso Cosmetics. But standing in the way of the much need resuscitation of the company his mother began many moons ago, is Sage Matthews of Stiletto Cosmetics.

Sage's company is an up and coming brand and is taking the world by storm, much to Cole's chagrin. But Cole isn't going down with a fight. He's completely confident that Sage will jump at his offer to buy her company and make her a wealthy woman many times over. What he doesn't expect is the sensuous beauty, or the immediate connection he feels with her, throwing him off of his game a bit.

His game is put into even more of a tailspin when Sage turns down his offer and soon a bitter rivalry ensues. But even while they want to take each other down a peg, they still can't seem to resist the attraction that burns between them and they soon find themselves caught up in passion.

Secrets are revealed and a force bigger than both their companies pops up threatening both Cole's old and dwindling and Sage's new and rising companies and they have to figure out if they can put their business differences aside, while trying to figure out if they can also create a merger of love.

Miss Phyllis Bourne, as usual, keeps you entranced in the story to the very end with the witty banter, the sexual tension, the amazingly steamy love scenes and the heart-warmingness she fills between the pages of her books.