Trevor loved the way the sound of Brooke's laughter cut through the night air as they raced across the country field behind their back yards on two of her parents' horses. He watched her hair blowing through the wind and he felt like a kid again.
But this time, he got the girl.
Watching her on top of her horse as it galloped faster and faster, filled his mind with erotic images of what it would be like to have her on top of him instead, riding him with the same passionate frenzy.
He squeezed his legs and leaned forward, causing his horse to speed up and soon pass her. After they rode for a little while longer, they slowed down by the pond that was on shared property of the Sinclairs and Matthewses.
Trevor hopped off of his horse, then took the reigns of both horses, leading them to the water. After Brooke got off of her horse, they decided to walk for a little while.
"That was so much fun," Brooke said, as her breathing finally slowed back to normal. 
"I haven't ridden in years," Trevor admitted.
"Really?" Brooke asked, surprised. "You used to love to when we were kids."
Trevor shrugged. "I used to love to because you used to love to. It wasn't the same after you left."
"Why didn't you tell me how you felt in high school?" Brooke blurted out.
Trevor stopped walking and turned to look at her.
She was staring up at him, the moonlight shining across her gorgeous face. It reminded him of that night when he'd tried to tell her she shouldn't have married Clark.
"Would it have made any difference to you, if I told you?" Trevor asked. "To you, we were nothing more than neighbors and friends."
"You never gave me a chance to look at us as more than that, Trevor. You assumed that I could never see you as more than my friend. But you should have known me well enough to know I was never that shallow."
He looked away. 
"Things were different then. I was different."
"I know," she said, sighing. He looked down as she wrapped her soft hand around his. "It's like you said at the game earlier, though. All that matters is what's happening between us right now."
"And what's happening?" Trevor asked.
"I'll tell you what should be happening. While we're standing here under the moonlight, which is quite romantic, you should be kissing me right now."
Trevor grinned as he pulled her close to his body. "When you put it that way..."
He lowered his head, and met her willing lips. He pulled away after several minutes and led her back to the horses. They hadn't tied the horses up and the last thing they wanted to do was leave them alone too long and have them wander off.
After they mounted the horses, Trevor looked over at Brooke and said, "I can't wait to get you on the back of the motorcycle with me. I think you'll love it."
"I bet I will," Brooke said. "But until then..."

She made a clicking sound and her horse took off. Trevor laughed and soon he and his horse were chasing after her.