The cover for the final Four Seasons of Love series book, A Winter Rendezvous, is here!

About the book:

Chrystal and Jackson meet while vacationing for the holidays and give into their attraction, sharing an incredible night together. Not expecting to see each other again, they are both shocked when they run into each other days later in the most unlikely place.
Both are hesitant to continue where they left off after their hot night in the mountains, but they quickly learn that they can't run away from the inevitable. Their passion is steamy enough to melt the snow outside, but can they overcome obstacles thrown in their path and create something that can last a lifetime?


"Are you cold?" he asked, reaching over to grab her thigh.
"What?" she asked. She'd been staring out the side window. He noticed her lip tugged between her teeth whenever a street light illuminated her face.
"Are you cold?" he repeated, even though he already knew the answer.
She turned and looked down at his hand on her leg, before looking up at his profile.
"Anxious," she said, with a sexy grin as she corrected him.
That one word tempted him to press down on the accelerator a little harder. But he was already speeding as is. He gently squeezed her leg, before putting his hand back on the steering wheel.
Soon enough, they were pulling into the driveway of his house.
"Nice," he heard her say, as he drove into the garage.
He shut the garage with a key fob, then got out and went around to the passenger side to help her out.
He unlocked the door and allowed her to walk in.
"Very nice," she said, looking around. She turned to face him, "Though I would have thought you to be more of a condo type of guy."
Jackson shrugged, shoving his hands in his pockets, as he watched her walk around taking in her surroundings. When she stopped in front of his fireplace, she turned to face him.
"Would you like something to drink?" Jackson asked Chrystal.
She shook her head. "No, thank you. I'm good."
He grabbed a remote that controlled just about everything in his house. He hit a button and the fireplace came to life, filling the room with warmth. He hit another button and a sexy R&B station came on, playing a song about a man making love to his woman for days until the cops came knocking.
He hit one more button and dimmed the lights, then tossed the remote onto the couch.
"Is this how you set the scene for all the ladies you bring home?" she asked, her eyes clearly conveying that he was setting the mood just right.
"I've never brought another woman here before. Beside, I just moved in. Even still, I typically wouldn't bring a woman back to my place."
"Another rule?"
"That I seem to have no problem breaking where you're concerned."
He stopped in front of her and watched as she pressed her back against the wall next to the fireplace.
He reached out and touched her cheek with his fingertips, grazing them down her neck to the tops of her breasts that nearly spilled out of the dress. He palmed one of them in his hand and gave it a firm squeeze. Chrystal's head fell back against the wall as she let out a tiny moan. He wrapped his fingers around the front zipper of the bodycon dress.
"From the moment I walked into that party and saw you in this dress..." he said huskily. He'd wanted to do exactly what he was about to do, grab this tempting little zipper and see what was underneath this dress.
She arched against him. "Do it," she dared him, as if reading his mind.

A Winter Rendezvous will be released December 23, 2015