Savannah soon discovered that Ethan's barbecue was as good as it looked. She couldn't stop raving about his skills on the grill all during their meal.
"Are you sure you don't want anymore food?" Ethan asked later that evening.
Savannah shook her head adamantly. "I already ate too much," she sat patting her stomach. "I'm stuffed."
Ethan stood and gathered the plates from the table and Savannah stood as well. "I'll take care of these," she said, taking the plates from his hands.
"Are you sure?" Ethan asked.
"Of course. You made this great meal for EJ and I. Besides, you've still got all of those leftovers to take in as well. If we work together, we'll get done faster." 
Savannah turned and Ethan watched the sway of her hips in her dress as she made her way into the house. When he felt a tug on his pant leg, he looked down to see EJ looking up at him.
"What's up son?" Ethan asked EJ.
"What are we gonna do now?" the boy asked.
Ethan was caught off guard by EJ's question. He hadn't really planned anything else beyond dinner.
"I...I don't know actually," Ethan admitted. "What do you want to do?"
EJ thought about it for a moment then asked, "Can we watch a movie?"
Ethan grinned as he grabbed the leftovers. "You know what, that sounds like a great idea."
They entered the kitchen and Ethan found Savannah filling the sink with water.
"You don't have to do that, Savvy," he said.
"There aren't that many," she said. "It won't take much time."
Ethan sat the platter of food on the island and said, "EJ suggested watching a movie. Is that cool with you?"
"Sure," she said, looking over her shoulder. Ethan walked over to her and shut the water off. 
"We can take care of this later."
"Yeah, mommy," EJ said, taking one of Savannah and Ethan's hands in each of his. "It's movie time!"
He tugged them into to the living room and plopped down on the couch and Ethan joined him. As he grabbed the remote and turned the tv on, he noticed Savannah preparing to sit in a large chair across from them.
"Mommy," EJ said. "Come sit with us."
Savannah froze for a moment, then her eyes locked with Ethan's. He shrugged and added, "You can't really see the TV over there." He patted the empty space next to EJ. "Come on."
After standing there for a moment, Savannah made her way over to the couch.
Ethan picked up the remote again, and began filtering through the channels until he found a kid-friendly movie. EJ settled down in between Savannah and Ethan and became engrossed in the movie. 
Ethan tried his best to pay attention to the movie, but found himself more focused on the mother of his child. With her proximity so close, her scent of jasmine and vanilla was wreaking havoc on his senses. At one point, he absently stretched his arm over the back of the couch and his fingers grazed the soft skin of her bare shoulder. He noticed how her body shiver, but she kept her eyes glued to the tv.
Half way through the movie, EJ shifted his body, placing his legs in Ethan's lap and his head in Savannah's.
"He rarely makes it through a movie after eating," he heard Savannah say quietly.
"He is out, isn't he?" Ethan said, looking down at him.
"Yeah, he's done for the night," Savannah said.
Ethan scooped EJ up and took him to his room and placed him in the bed. 
"I guess tonight was a bit of bust," Savannah said, apologetically as Ethan closed the bedroom door.
"Oh, it wasn't so bad," he said as he walked into the kitchen.
"But you didn't get to do anything," she said, over to the sink. She started back on her earlier task of washing the dishes. "I'm sure you wanted to do more than just eat and watch a silly kids' movie."
He reached over and grabbed her elbow. When she turned and looked at him, he said, "Even doing nothing with my son is something wonderful."
They stood staring at each other for a moment and then she gave him a soft smile before she turned back and continued washing dishes.
They worked together, Savannah washing and Ethan rinsing and putting the dishes drain. Once they were done, Ethan put the rest of the food away. He heard Savannah let out a long sigh as she sat down at the kitchen table.
"You look tired," Ethan said, noticing the tired look in his eyes.
Savannah gave him a weary smile. "I'm always tired."
"But you're on vacation right?" he asked as he grabbed two wine glasses and a bottle of wine. He filled them both and handed her a glass. "You should be resting."
"With a six year old?" Savannah laughed, before taking a drink of her wine. "Yeah right."
"I could watch him."
Savannah's eyes shot up to Ethan's.
"You?" she asked, clearly taken by surprise.
"Why not me?" Ethan asked, slightly affronted.
"I didn't mean it the way it came out Ethan," Savannah said, sitting her glass down on the table. "It's just–"
"I don't have experience with a six year old."
"Honestly," Savannah said. "Yes. Our son...while he's overall well behaved...he can still be a handful."
"I understand your reservations, Savvy," Ethan said, slowly. "But I'm sure you know by now that I intend on being in EJ's life from here on out. I've got to learn this fatherhood thing as I go along right?"
Savannah tapped the stem of her wine glass. "I suppose you're right."
"I just want to help in anyway I can. And that includes taking some of the pressure off of you."
"But how will that..."
When Savannah didn't finish her question, Ethan noticed the uncomfortable look on her face.
"Speak your mind Savvy," he urged.
"How is this going to work once the summer's over? I'm so glad that you eager to be a part of our...EJ's life." The small correction Savannah made wasn't lost on Ethan. "But we live in New York and you live here in Texas."
Ethan ran his hand across his jaw. The long distance had plagued Ethan relentlessly. Sighing, he reached over and took Savannah's hand. "People coparent all the time with no problems don't they? We'll figure it out. Let's just spend the summer get to know each other."
Savannah nodded her head in agreement.
He looked down her hand in his. There was no ring or any indications that one had ever been there.
"Can I ask you a personal question?" Ethan asked.
"Besides the men in your family, is there or has there been any other type of father figure in EJ's life?"
Savannah pulled her hand away, but when Ethan met her eyes they were lit with humor.
"Is this your round about way of asking me if I'm involved with anyone?"
He gave her a sheepish grin as he responded. "Maybe."
"With my work schedule and taking care of EJ, there isn't much time left for a social life."
"So that's a no?"
Savannah picked her glass up again. "No, Ethan. I'm not involved with anyone. I've gone out on a date here and there over the years, but nothing serious."
He hoped she couldn't see the relief her admission had brought him.
"What about you?"
"Excuse me?" Ethan replied.
"Are you involved with someone?"
"No," he said assuredly.
Ethan caught the pleased gleam in Savannah's eye as she looked away.
After glancing at her watch, she stood.
"We should get out of here."
"You sure you don't want to stick around and catch the rest of the movie."
Savannah shook her head. "I've seen that movie more times than I'd like. It's one of EJ's favorites."
"So that's why he was so excited."
As she walked out of the kitchen, Ethan took a chance and said, "Maybe we can catch another movie some other time. Something more grown up."
Savannah stopped and after a moment, she looked at him over her shoulder.

"I'd like that."