Good morning my loves! Here is the final excerpt I'll be sharing from Just One Touch. I don't have an official release date, but I'm hoping to get this book to you all no later than mid-April.

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The softness of a rose petal slowly glided up and down his neck and back once...twice...and a third time, causing him to stir slightly.
When the petal was replaced with lips just as soft, his body began to awaken even more, including the area between his legs.
"Ethan," she purred seductively in his ear. When he felt her teeth gently bite into his shoulder, he groaned into his pillow, then finally rolled on to his back. He smiled when he looked up to see Savannah over him, wearing his dress shirt with the buttons undone and barely covering her breasts.
"You're going to have me exhausted on my first day of this job trial run."
"Mmmm," she moaned as she slid her body on top of his, straddling his lap. She leaned down and kissed his chin, then traced her lips across his jaw up to his ear. 
"This is your fault," she whispered. "If you hadn't been so eager to make a good impression with my family by going to that charity ball, we could have gotten started much earlier."
"So this is my fault?" he said, his voice ragged as she kissed his collar bone and then moved down to his pecs. "Are you punishing me?"
"I guess you could say that," she said, with a naughty grin, before her tongue flicked out and made contact with his nipple.
"If..." His voice actually trembled. "If you're upset about having to go to the ball last night, I guess you don't want to know what I won for you at the silent auction."
At those words, Savannah sat back up.
A silent auction was held during the charity ball every year.
"You bid on something?" she asked.
"Sure, I did," he replied. He was trying to gain his composure, but it was hard to focus on anything accept for the sweetness between her legs. All he had to do was move slightly and he would be able to slide inside of her. "And I won."
"What is it?" she asked.
"I don't think I want to tell you anymore," he teased.
"Oh really," she said, crossing her arms over her chest.
"Really." She was driving him mad, especially the way her breast were pressed together and jutting up above her arms. He wanted to reach up and give them a good squeeze before pulling them into his mouth.
He watched as her lips spread into a devious smirk and he knew he was in trouble. She unfolded her arms. "I could always...draw it out of you," she said, innocently, as her hand wrapped around his manhood.
"You don't play fair," he groaned, loving the way she stroked him from the base of his dick all the way up to the tip.
"All's fair in love and war, sweetheart," she gloated.
He was putty in her hands as he whispered, "Look in your purse."
She stopped her ministrations and he wished he hadn't given in so quickly. She continued staring at him confused, as she said, "My purse?"
"Just go look," he said, gently smacking her on her back side.
She got up from his lap and he immediately missed the connection. She hurried over to her purse, opened it and gasped.
"You didn't!" she cried out as she pulled a diamond necklace out.
"You're holding it aren't you?"
She looked from the necklace to him. "Ethan..."
"I saw you had your eye on it when we were looking at the items up for bid. And I knew you'd never bid on it for yourself, so..." he shrugged as he lifted his arms and rested them behind his head.
"I never saw you bid on it."
"I did it while you were chatting with that artist, who donating one of her sculptures to the auction."
"Elizabeth Parker," Savannah murmured absently, staring at the necklace. "She donates a sculpture or painting almost every year. She's John's wife, the one who catered the ball. They're old friends of the family."
He watched as she looked up at him again. "When did you slip it in my purse?" she asked.
"When you took off to the bathroom with your sister," he said. "You left your purse."
"That's right, I did."
Ethan sat up, with his back against the headboard and said, "Are you just gonna stand there staring at it for the rest of the night, or are you gonna get over here and let me see how you look wearing it...and nothing else?"
Savannah smiled, then shrugged out of his shirt, letting it fall to the floor before she walked over to him. Once she was straddling him again, he took the necklace from her and latched it on.
"How does it look?" she asked, touching the three diamonds that rested in the drop setting.
"Absolutely stunning."
"Are you referring to the necklace or me?" she asked, resting her hand on his shoulders.
She pushed him onto his back, then reached over and grabbed a condom off of the nightstand.
"The necklace is stunning too," she said, tearing open the condom.
"If you like it..." the air hissed from his teeth as her fingers delicately rolled the condom down. "...then I love it."
"I love it," she said, taking him in her hands. "Let me show you how much."
She sank on to him, rolling her hips as she worked her way down until they were connected. She leaned forward, pressing her breasts against his chest and she reached for his hands, interlocking their fingers together above his head.
Her silky heat milked him over and over and he was held captive to her. She was in control now and he loved every damn minute of it.
She sat up again and released his hand as she began bouncing up and down on him wildly, and he gripped her hips, holding on as she rode him furiously.
He watched as her head fell back as she moaned loudly. Her walls clenched around him and he exploded inside of her.
She fell forward collapsing on top of him. His sweet Savvy had woken up ravenous. And clearly she'd gotten her fill.
He looked at the clock on the night stand. He had to be up in a few hours. But at the moment, nothing else mattered, except for the woman in his arms.


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