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The bell over the bakery door rang as Tessa was bent over the display case filling it with fresh breakfast pastries. 
"I'm sorry," she said. "We're not quite open yet."
"That's a shame...I was hoping to get a taste of some of your...irresistible treats."
The deep, throaty rumble followed by the masculine voice filled with silk and sin, caused a tremble to race down Tessa's spine, landing right between her thighs with an out of this world throb.
She slowly rose up, before turning around to put a face to the voice who had her panties instantly wet and bit back a groan.
Isaiah Noble stood in the center of her bakery, looking too damn fine this early in the morning.
She watched as his eyes shameless roamed her body, before meeting her face. Once there, he seemed to study her for several long moments, as if he were trying to figure out whether or not he recognized her.
She doubted it. They grew up in the same town of Sweet Rapids, but they didn't hang in the same circles, especially with he and his siblings graduating high school so early. Even if there was a slight chance that he did know of her back then, she figured he knew her as the chubby girl who worked at her parents' bakery eons ago.
She looked a bit different now. And it wasn't lost on Tessa that he liked what he was looking at.
One side of his lip tilted upward as he shoved his hands into his hands into his pockets. "Any chance I can convince you to make an exception?"
She returned his grin with one of her own as she sashayed her way behind the counter.
"Now see," she started. "If I make an exception for you and the customers find out about it, then they're going to start wanting to make exceptions for them as well."
"Would it change your mind if I said I was doing a pick up for my mother?"
"Oh so you're a name dropper huh?"
"I didn't even say her name though."
"Everyone knows your mother is Irene Noble," Tessa said as she slipped her hand in a plastic glove. She opened the display case, grabbed a few bear claws and dropped them into one of their signature dessert boxes.
As she closed the display case, he leaned over the counter. "Do you know who I am?"
She leaned toward him, and inhaled his intoxicating sandalwood and leather scent, clenching her thighs behind the counter.
"You're Isaiah," she answered, hoping she didn't sound too breathless.
His lips spread into a full smile, revealing a perfect set of teeth.
"You said that with confidence, what makes you so sure I'm not Ian."
"Your clothes," she said with a shrug before she stood again. "Not many music producers are seen on rocking suits all of the time. Plus, Ian's got that whole...bad boy thing going on with him. You don't give off that kind of vibe."
"And what kind of vibe do I give off?" Isaiah asked.
The kind of vibe that makes me wish I could jump your bones right here in the middle of the bakery.
She smiled, shook her head and pushed the box in her direction.
"That'll be five dollars, Mr. Noble."
"I didn't even order."
"But I know for a fact these are Miss Irene's favorite for breakfast."
Isaiah stood there staring at her for several moments again, before he reached into the pocket on the inside of his jacket and pulled out his wallet.
He pulled out a crisp five dollar bill and handed it to Tessa. His fingers brushed hers in the exchange and the electricity of his touch raced through her body.
"Stop by again soon," she said, pushing her lips up into a smile.
He picked up the box as he said, "Oh I will."
She couldn't stop herself from admiring the confident swagger in his walk as he headed for the door. 
Right before he left the bakery he turned and smiled at her and his parting words had her mouth falling open in shock.
"You have a nice day, Tessa."
Holy shit.
"Know who you are?" he said with a raise of his eyebrows. "Of course I know who you are. You're looking good, by the way."
And then he walked out the door, leaving Tessa stunned.

And ridiculously turned on.