Hey loves!

Today I'm sharing the first excerpt (unless you're in Té's Place on Facebook, then it's like your third *wink wink*) from my current work in progress, Is This Love?

This isn't the cover...though it looks good, huh?

As you can see from the teaser above, this is a crossover novel. It will be book seven in the McAllister Family series and technically book one in a new series, McAllister Security. It will have a host of characters you've met before (and maybe more in the future, who knows?) and we are kicking it off with the highly anticipated Vicki Grey.

If you've read the McAllister Family Series, you met her in Love After War. She also made a very brief appearance in the In the Line of Series book, Love's Taken Over.

Now she's getting her chance at love with Dexter McAllister, whom we met in the last McAllister Family book, Just One Touch.

When we met him, he was always carrying his laptop around. We learn very quickly in Is This Love? that there is much more to Dex than meets the eye.

So have a look see:


"I need another minute," he whispered into the com in his ear, as his fingers flew across the keys.
"I held him off as long as I could. He's headed your way."
Dex hit enter on the keyboard and all of the info he'd been searching for popped up.
"Gotcha," he said. He pulled the jump drive out of the computer, clicked off of the screen he was on and put it back in sleep mode.
He'd just slipped out of the room, when a security guard rounded the corner.
"Hey!" he shouted at Dex and began running toward him.
"Meet me at the extraction point," he said, before taking off into a sprint in the opposite direction of the guard.
"Just do it, dammit!" he said, reaching into his pocket as he reached the stairwell. He hurried up the steps, but the fit guard wasn't far behind him. 
His phone began to ring and he looked down at the smart watch that was synced to his phone. 
"Shit..." He pushed the answer button on his watch. "Vicki, hey."
"Dex?" she said, a curious tone in your voice. "Are you okay?"
He reached the top and discovered the door to the roof was jammed. He took a step back and ran towards the door, leading with his shoulder. The door popped open and he ran for the edge of the building.
"Of course," he said. "I'm just working out. What's up?"
"I was wondering...how should I dress for our date?"
The sound of a bullet whizzing by his ear had him ducking and running faster. 
"Semi-formal works."
"Great. Well I guess I'll let you get back to your workout. Sorry for interrupting you."
He hooked the carabiner he'd been holding to a metal railing stepped on to the ledge of the building.
"Don't be sorry. It was nice to hear your voice. See you soon," he said and hung up the phone.
"Freeze!" the guard shouted.
Right before Dex jumped off the building and rappelled down the side at a rapid speed.
After about half a minute, his feet hit the ground and he unhooked the other end of the kevlar rope that helped with his escape.
"Laila?" he said, as he began walking down the street as if he hadn't just jumped off of a building.
"Where are you?" his partner snapped in his ear.
"I'm on my way to the extraction point. Are you there?"
"Of course I'm here. I swear Dexter McAllister. Sometimes I think you have a death wish."
"Nothing like that," he said, grinning about his successful mission. "Just like taking down the bad guys. And the info we snatched up is going to help us do that significantly. And the virus I put in there system should have them scrambling for months."
"Good job," Laila said. "Even though I think you're out of your mind."
"I've been called worse."
He found the dark, inconspicuous van that was waiting for him. The door flew open and he hopped in.
As the car sped off, he pulled the jump drive out of his pocket and handed it to Laila.
"I'll start combing through these. See what this pharmaceutical company is really up to."
"Let me know what you find," Dex said.
"Now that that's done, what are you plans this weekend?"
Dex looked out the window as he said, "I've got a date."
He winced when he felt Laila's fist hit his bicep. Though she was little, she was extremely fierce. Much like Vicki.
He couldn't wait to take her out.
"Way to go. It's about time. We thought you'd never date again after–"
"Can we please not go there tonight?"
"All I'm saying is that I'm glad you're finally moving on from Stephanie."
"She betrayed me...us...our whole country. It wasn't hard to move on."
The van was filled with a heavy silence as it sped through the city.
"Anyway, just make sure you have a good time."

Dex had a feeling that with Vicki, he was going to have a great time.