**unedited, subject to change**

Ivy rushed into the conference room of Noble Naturals.
"I'm sorry I'm late," she said, dropping down into the only empty seat left. Which happened to be across from Duke.
He gave her one of his crooked smiles and she turned away from him to focus on her mother speaking.
"The teaser trailers that Isaiah put together from Isabella's mocks ups that included some of the new products Ian and Giselle created are set to roll out this week online," Irene said. "We're looking forward to that."
Ivy looked down at her phone when it vibrated and noticed a text from Duke.
Duke: Hey there, gorgeous.
She smiled, shook her head and typed out a response.
Are you really texting me right now? During the meeting.
Duke: Well since your ass was late, I couldn't speak to you earlier.
You're crazy.
Duke: And you're looking fine as hell in that skirt.
A smile slowly spread across her face as she read his last text.
Ivy's head shot up.
"The relaunch party," her mother said. "How are the plans coming along?"
Ivy's eyes cut to Duke who was staring intently at her.
"They're, uh, good. Everything's is already set up and ready. We'll fly out to Vegas a day early."
They decided since the relaunch was such a big deal, that they needed to go big with the relaunch party they were hosting. Ivy would be hosting a live stream of the events. 
"What about everything for the pop-up studios?" Isaiah asked.
"We have locations for New York, L.A., Atlanta, Miami, and Dallas," Duke said.
"Good," Irene said.
"We should start promoting those as soon as possible," Stephen suggested.
"We can do a quick video and upload it to Noble Natural's social media sites."
They meeting continued on and soon Ivy's phone was buzzing in her lap again.
Duke: Are you ready to be wooed out of your fucking mind?
Ivy laughed out loud, and clamped her hand over her mouth. When everyone looked at her, she quietly said, "Sorry."
"The toy drive that started after Thanksgiving ended this weekend and we had one of the biggest turnouts. A lot of kids are going to get great gifts this year at holiday party and toy giveaway," Irene continued.
The room turned solemn for a moment, clearly everyone thinking of Isaac Noble. This was always his favorite time of year. He would always dress up as Santa for the holiday party so the kids could tell him what they wanted for Christmas before helping everyone distribute the gifts.
It wasn't the same without him. The kids missed him as much as the family did.
"I think we can adjourn for the day," Isaiah said, ending the meeting.
Everyone headed out of the office and Ivy noticed that Duke hung back in the conference room.
He stood and walked over to her, standing near the door. He had a hungry look in his eyes that had her walking backwards until her back hit the wall.
He didn't say anything, he just grabbed her by the waist and devoured her mouth in a long, mind numbing kiss.
He slowed down, and pulled away giving her a heart stopping smile before reaching into his pocket and pulled out an envelope and handed it to her.
"What is this?" she asked.
"It's how I woo, baby," he said, and then kissed her again. "I've got to go and finish up some stuff. Be ready."
And then he left her standing there all dazed and slightly weak in the knees.