Hey loves!

If you been on this journey with me over the last five years you know that tomorrow is the 5th anniversary of my debut book, Dream Lover.

You're probably also aware that every year I've dropped a book on or around the same date. I've been somewhat quiet about books lately, but have shared some peeks at my current WIP, Piece of My Love.

Have you been thinking, "She's gonna pull a Teyonce and drop a book today or tomorrow!"?

Not this time unfortunately.


I'll admit, I was a little sad at first, but I took a bit of a break after I finished Love by the Books. I didn't want to, but the body knows when to stop even if the mind is fighting it. And after two-three years of going nonstop, everything kinda shut down a bit. If you've read Christina Jone's The Lies, then you'll understand when I say I was having some "Brandi Moments". I won't go into much more detail than that, but I'll just say I'm still working it.

You shouldn't have to wait too much longer for Piece of My Love, maybe another month or so. Until then, read the first books in the In the Line of Love Series. And/or reread some of these other 'anniversary' books: Always You, Just One Kiss, Sultry Summer Nights and Noble Love.

One last thing: I love you guys, so much. My readers are one of the driving forces that keeps me going in all of this. I love what I do, no doubt, but the fact that you also love what I produce, is a huge encouragement.


P.S. Hope I get to see you this weekend at the Indie Love in the A Event! I think there may still be some tickets left. Click the link here to check it out.