I know...I know...

This post should have been made a week ago.

Piece of My Love is now live! LOL

Get Piece of My Love Now!

But you guys! You guys have made it an AMAZING first week!

At the time of me writing this book, the book is currently #9 on the Amazon Bestsellers list and the reviews are great.

P.S. You need to get Christina and Alexandra's books like now. Click on the links, buy the books and then come back #SuperBaes
I was just finishing up with aerial yoga class (yes, I do that now. Getting my Giselle on majorly! Though I'm out of commission temporary cause I hurt my knee...another story for another day) when I stalked checked Amazon and saw that Piece of My Love was officially published. I did a quick newsletter while I was across the street pumping gas and sent it. By the time I got in my SUV, y'all were already sounding the alarm in Té's Place and on Facebook that the book was live.

It happened so fast that it kinda pulled at my heartstrings. I was damn near in tears driving home. From the love you guys have for me and the work I do. I know you've been waiting on something from me for a while since I took that much needed hiatus.

But I'm so glad you all are enjoying the book.

I made a post earlier on Facebook, 'cause y'all been mentioning them in your reviews.

Yes, Max and Sloane will be getting a book. 

After Laila & Zeke, and then Michelle & whatever man is brave enough for her. And maybe a type of anthology with a few novellas of characters you've been waiting to hear from again...like Dana & Aiden. But don't hold me to that last one, we'll see what happens.

I suppose that's it for now. 

Again, thank you so much. I'm glad you all are enjoying the book. That's all I hope for every time I hit publish.

Happy Reading.