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Phoenix yanked up a head of lettuce and swore. She shouldn't have pulled it with so much force. She was taking her frustration out on the damn vegetables. Her parents were working on the farm outside of the city and since this garden was on her own apartment's rooftop, she'd volunteered to harvest the crop for them and get it delivered to one of the restaurants they had as clients.
She had to hurry and finish so she could get across town with the produce before the lunch crowd hit. But her mind was preoccupied.
She hadn't talked to Noah in days.
She was trying to give him space to figure his shit out, but... she missed him.
The sound of the door to the roof opening had her looking up. Her eyes widened in shock.
"Hi," Noah said, shoving his hands into his pockets.
"Hey," she replied. "How did you find me?"
"I went to The Main Squeeze looking for you, and your friend, Sloane, told me you were here."
"I need to talk to you, Phoenix," Noah said, moving closer to her.
"Okay... but can you talk and work?" she asked. "I've got an order I need to get finished and delivered for my parents."
"Um...sure," he said, looking down at his clothes.
He looked good in a pair of jeans and t-shirt. But he didn't hesitate to get down on his knees in the dirt next to her.
"What do I do?" he asked.
Phoenix quickly explained how to harvest the tomatoes she'd moved on too.
Once he had the hang of it, they got to work, the only sound around them being the busyness of the city below them.
"I took your advice," he finally said.
"My advice?"
"On getting that closure."
Phoenix could feel Noah's eyes on her. She nodded. "That's good."
"I also...finally figured it out."
Phoenix's head whipped in Noah's direction and she found him smiling at her. She studied him. His eyes and smile seemed brighter.
She swallowed before speaking.
"Finally figured what out?"
"You know what, Fi. That's why I came to find you, like you told me to do."
Her heart raced as he leaned closer to her.
"Still...I think I need to hear it," she said, pulling her lip between her teeth.
"If you insist," he said, before reaching up to touch her face. He used his thumb to release her lip from her teeth, then he slid his hand to the back of her neck as his lips descended to hers.
Her eyes fluttered closed as he kissed her deeply, much different than the light kiss she'd left him with days ago.
He pulled away and her eyes slowly opened.
"Very well said," she rasped. "But I don't think I heard you quite well. I think you need to repeat–"
His mouth dropped down on hers again, and this time his tongue slid into her mouth, tangling with hers. She felt his hands palm her cheeks and her arms circled his neck pulling him closer to her.
When he finally pulled away again, they were both out of breath.
"Did you hear me that time?" he asked.

"Loud and clear."