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If you've already Reckless Love, then you'll remember the intense standoff between Vicki and Dex. And you'll also remember that Laila were involved in that standoff.

Well now it's time to see the events that happened between those two leading up to that moment. Oh yeah, there was a lot more to their first meeting. Get a look here now, in the first excerpt from Dangerous Love, book two of the McAllister Security series.


The first meeting...

Zeke Bostick crept through the densely wooded area, keeping his senses on high alert, his hands wrapped around his gun. He'd split up with his partner for this mission, Vicki Grey,  to try and get a better glimpse at what was going on. The man who they'd been hired to protect had been taken under their watch and made to look like he'd been killed.
Unfortunately for whoever had taken TJ Parris, they'd missed the delayed tracker that Zeke had put on him. When Vicki and Zeke arrived at what appeared to be a safe house several hours away from the city, and saw that TJ was, in fact, alive and seemed unharmed, they decided it was time to get to the bottom of whatever the hell was going on.
A sound from behind Zeke caught his attention and he spun around just in time to see a figure coming towards him with a gun. He reached out and managed to relieve the gun out of the person's hand, but was caught off guard when they knocked his gun out of his hands as well.
If they wanted to fight with just their hands that was fine with h–
His thought got knocked out of his head as the hostile, spun and aimed their leg towards his head in a roundhouse kick.
Zeke stumbled back, trying to quickly get his bearings when he saw his attacker rushing towards him. He blocked a series of punches and followed up with a few of his own, but they were blocked as well. He threw another punch, but his wrist was grabbed wrist and tucked under the attacker's arm. The assailant shifted their body around to leaned back for a spinning elbow, aiming for Zeke's face. He grabbed the arm, and froze when he felt the curves against his body.
A woman!
He shouldn't have been surprised. Hell Vicki had kicked his ass more times than he could count.
The back of her head slammed into his face and Zeke fell back. By the time he opened his eyes, she'd taken off.
"Shit..." he whispered, pulling another gun from his ankle holster. It was too dark to search for his other one and he'd just heard Vicki's voice.
He stood, and hurried around the to the front of the house.
Just in time to see his newest sparring partner pointing a gun at Vicki's head. Instinctively, he aimed his gun at her. The moon was bright on this side of the house and he could finally see her.
Her body looked as good as it felt against him in that split second. Her hair was pulled back in a long braid that stopped at the top of her ass. And her eyes...well those laser sharp orbs were too focused on preparing to shoot his partner.
"Put the gun down," she said to Vicki, who had a gun of her own trained on her boyfriend, Dexter McAllister.
What the hell was going on here?
"Laila," Dex said to the woman he was obviously working with. "Stand down."
Laila shook her head. "Not until she puts the gun down."
Zeke watched as Dex unloaded his gun, much to the chagrin of Laila.
As Dex tried to explain that they were on the same side, a sound perked Zeke's attention. He looked over his shoulder and saw several figures in the distance carrying guns. When Zeke saw them lift and aim, he yelled, "Get down!"
Laila dropped down instantly and Dex threw his body over Vicki's.
The trees gave them some cover, but not much.
The shooting didn't last long and it was followed by a maniacal, feminine laugh.
"I have to give it to you, Dex, you almost had me. But I told you before...I always get what I want."
"Stephanie," Laila growled.
"We've got to get out of here," Dex said.
"You get TJ and go," Laila said. "I'll cover you."
Zeke watched as Laila began shooting her gun to cover Dex and Vicki. He looked back and noticed Vicki looking frozen as Dex tried to get her moving.
Laila ducked back behind the tree and Zeke took a turn shooting off a round of fire.
"Vick," he shouted to Vicki. "Go and help TJ."
Vicki finally began to move, taking the gun Dex gave her, before taking her free hand and rushing towards the house.
Zeke looked over as Laila was reloading her gun. She looked up at him and smiled.
"What's your name?" she asked before turning to shoot again.
"Zeke..." he said, shooting as well. "Bostick."
"I'd shake your hand, but..." She shot another round.
The enemy fire finally stopped after they heard Stephanie swear and shout, "Move out!"
Neither of them moved for several minutes. Finally Laila stood and Zeke followed suit.
She moved toward him and he finally got a good look at her entire face. The woman was gorgeous.
"Nice to meet you, Zeke."
He looked down and saw her hand held out to him. He wrapped his hand around her soft one and shook it.

"Nice to meet you too, Laila. Despite our initial encounter."