Happy New Year! I put together a lil New Year’s short for you guys! We’re catching up with Rocki and Seth for a wedding in Ragston, Michigan on the Winterborne Estate (the bed and breakfast that Charli runs in the Lessons in Love series that I collaborated on with Nicole Falls and Bailey West!

Check it out below!

A Few Months Ago...
I took a sip of my champagne and looked over at Seth, who seemed nervous. That was completely out of character for him.
Nothing made Seth nervous. Ever.
So naturally his nervousness was starting to make me nervous.
We were at the wrap party for the movie I’d just finished filming in Vancouver with Isaiah Noble. It had gone great, and I was positive that we had a hit on our hands.
I reached over and placed a hand on Seth's leg.
Leaning over to him, I asked, “Is everything okay?”
He turned and looked at me. “Huh? Yeah. Of course. How are you? Do you want or need anything?” he asked.
“I want to get out of here,” I said, discreetly sliding my hand further up his thigh.
We’d been at the party for about an hour longer than I’d originally wanted to be. But I wanted to make sure I made my rounds: congratulating fellow cast and crew members, schmoozing with investors...all that jazz.
Seth looked down at my hand, pulled his phone out of his pocket and after glancing at it, nodded.
After going around one final time to say goodbye to everyone, Seth guided us out of the club. The drive back to the back to the apartment complex we were staying in was tense and quiet.
It was driving me up the fucking wall.
By the time we were on the elevator and Seth had used the keycard to take us up to the condo we were staying in, I’d had enough.
“Are you breaking up with me?” I blurted out.
Seth turned and looked at me, eyes wide.
“What?” he asked, shaking his head. “What the hell would make you think–”
“Seth. I know something is wrong. You don’t think I can’t tell when something is bothering you? We may have only been dating for a year, but I’ve known you for nearly my entire life.”
“Roxanne–” Seth started, but I cut him off.
“Whatever is going on, I can handle it. Just tell me.”
Before he could respond, the elevator pinged and the doors slid open. I turned around and gasped in complete shock, as I stepped into the apartment. Looking around in awe, my eyes filled with tears as I followed a path of flameless candles and rose petals. I ended up standing in the center of roses strewn on the balcony in shape of a heart. I turned and found Seth slowly coming towards me, a warm smile on his lips.
“Seth,” I whispered, looking around again. “What is all this?”
“This is...the culmination of being in love with you for...damn near most of my life,” he quietly replied, as he wiped away a stray tear with the pad of his thumb. “Being with you over the last year has only confirmed what I’ve known for a long time.”
“And what is that?” I asked.
“We’re soulmates, Rocki,” he said, slowly dropping down to one knee. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you...as your husband.”
My hand flew to my mouth as he reached into his pocket, pulled out a velvet box and opened it, revealing a gorgeous diamond ring.
“Roxanne Malone, will you marry me?”
“Yes!” I said, nodding. “Of course, I’ll marry you.”
He pulled the ring out of the box and slid it onto my finger, before standing and pulling me into his arms, plying my lips with a long kiss.
When he finally pulled away, I looked down at the ring again, excited.
“We’re engaged,” I squealed, hopping up and down. “I can’t wait to tell Emerson and Charli...”



I lifted my arms over my head, shaking my hips as I made my way onto the dance floor with Emerson and Charli on my heels. We were on the second stop of my bachelorette party extravaganza.
Emerson and Charli – my maid and matron of honor, respectively – had gone all out for my ‘last hoorah’. We’d spent the afternoon at the spa, which included everything from facials and massages to waxing and v-steaming (something Charli’s ass had talked us into).
Once we’d been fully pampered, we loaded a party bus that would take us all over the city. Our first stop had been to a pole dancing studio where we’d been scheduled for lessons. Both Charli and I had been shocked as hell when both our mothers and grandmothers had sauntered into the studio, proud grins on their faces.
We had a bridal brunch planned with them tomorrow – the day before the wedding – thinking that would throw them off of our scent as far as our more...rowdy plans were concerned. But somehow, they’d figured them out and crashed the pole dancing party.
And shut it down as well if Charli’s grandma Honey’s dance moves were any indication.
Those moves would be seared into my brain for a long time. Especially Honey droppin’ it like it was hot with a dick headband on her head.
Thankfully, all of that getting ‘turnt up', as Honey had put it, tuckered the older ladies out and they didn’t join us on the second leg of our bachelorette party tour.
So it was just me, Emerson, Charli and the rest of the ladies who we’d invited to join us getting down on the dance floor.
In need of a drink, I made my way back to the area that had been roped off just for us and picked up one of the phallic-shaped water bottles (the things that could be found on the internet) and took a long sip.
“If you’re looking for the real thing, I will happily obliged,” I heard a deep voice murmured into my ear.
I grinned and turned around to find a set of dark eyes staring into mine.
“Hello, gorgeous. What are you doing New Year’s Eve?”
“Oh, you know...just getting married,” I said, before I slid my hand around his neck and pulled him down for a long kiss. When I finally pulled away, I shook my head. “What are you doing here?”
Seth grinned down at me.
“Little birdie may have mentioned that you ladies would be stopping by here tonight,” he said as he joined me on the sofa. His eyes went to my head. “That’s...interesting.”
I quickly snatched the dick headband off of my head and tossed it onto the table.
He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and I snuggled into his side. 
“Hi,” Seth said, gazing down into my eyes.
“Hi,” I replied. “How’s your bachelor party going?”
“Even better now.”
I smiled as I looked out onto the dance floor and noticed that both Roosevelt and Wesley had made their presence known to Emerson and Charli.
A new song had come on and we watched as Ro and Em began to dance as well as Wes and Charli.
“Pregnancy looks so good on her,” I murmured, watching the way Wes protectively kept his hands on Charli’s large belly as they danced.
“It’ll look good on you someday too.”
I brought my focus back to Seth and his words.
“That’s...that’s something we haven’t really discussed,” I said, quietly. Now probably wasn’t really the time or place to be having the discussion, but here we were.
“No,” Seth said. “We haven’t. How do you feel about it? Do you want kids?”
I smiled as I palmed his cheek. I knew Seth would be a great father from the way he was with my niece, Katie, and my nephew, PJ. I still couldn’t get the image of him holding baby Paul out of my mind, imagining that he’d look the same way with our own baby in his arms.
“I most definitely want to have your babies, Seth Gardiner.”
Seth kissed the palm of my hand, and then interlocked my fingers with his.
“Come on,” he said, as he stood and pulled me up with him. “I wanna dance with my future bride.”
We made our way onto the dance floor and I melded against Seth when he pulled my body against his. His hands moved down from my waist to my ass and I could feel his erection pressed against my stomach as we continued to sway to the music.
I ground my hips harder against his and I felt his chest rumble as he chuckled.
“You’re trying to start some shit you can’t finish right now, Roxanne,” he quietly growled into my ear.
I leaned back so I could look up into his eyes.
“Who says I can’t finish it right now?” I teased.
One of Seth’s eyebrows raised in question.
“We can’t exactly leave,” he said, as he looked around. 
“You’re right,” I sighed, with a pout. “Guess, we’ll just have to wait until the honeymoon.”
“Maybe not,” he said, a wicked grin spreading across his face. He leaned down, whispered into my ear and I gasped at his words. I pulled away to look over my shoulder and when I turned to face Seth again, he was gone.
I looked around trying to find him, but he’d disappeared into the crowd.
I turned to find Emerson coming up to me. She shoved a glass of champagne into my hands.
“Hey,” I said, smiling at Em. “You’ve been getting down with your boo.”
“As have you,” Emerson giggled, as she took a sip of her own drink.
I finished my drink in one long gulp.
I smiled when Roosevelt came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck.
“Hey, Rocki,” he said to me.
“Hey, Ro.”
“I know this is your night and all, but I hope you don’t mind me stealing your maid of honor for one last dance?”
“Of course not,” I said, as I put my empty glass down. Ro took Em by the hand and led her further back onto the dance floor and I took the opportunity to make my discreet escape. 
I made it to the bathroom and knocked the way Seth had instructed me to. After a few seconds passed, I heard the door unlock and I quickly slipped into the bathroom, re-locking the door once I was inside.
I looked up to find Seth’s eyes on me, dark with desire. He wasted no time as he pressed me against the bathroom door, shoved his hands into my hair and captured my mouth in a drugging kiss. He hoisted me up into his arms and I wrapped my legs around him, causing my dress to bunch up around my waist.
Seth carried me to the other side of the bathroom and sat me down on the counter next to the sink. I shivered when my skin made contact with the cold granite.
I pulled away and my hands went to the belt buckle of his pants. I made quick work of undoing the belt, followed by the button and zipper. My mouth watered as I slid my hand past the waistband of his underwear and wrapped my hand around his hard dick, my thumb gliding over the tip.
“Shit, Rocki,” he groaned as I continued stroking him.
He stepped back slightly, causing me to release my grip on his member and began to slide his hands up my thighs until he reached my thong. I lifted my hips as he pulled my panties off and then spread my legs wide when he closed the distance between us. He hooked his hands around the backs of my knees and dragged me to the edge of the counter. His mouth covered mine in an open-mouth kiss, as he slammed into me, swallowing my cries of pleasure.
I braced my hands on his shoulders as he fucked me on that bathroom counter, meeting every one of his strokes with my own.
He tore his lips from mine, yanked the top of my dress down and began to ravish my breasts. My back arched, and he sucked even harder onto my breast.
“Seth!” I cried out.
“I can’t wait to marry you the day after tomorrow,” he said, before licking my neck. “You’ll finally be mine. Forever.”
“Seth...I...I’m gonna...”
“Go ahead and come for me, beautiful,” he ordered.
And I did. My body came undone around him, and a minute later I felt him coming too.
I don’t know how long we stayed in that position – Seth inside of me, his arms tightly wrapped around my waist and our clothes completely disheveled – but I didn’t really give a damn.
I needed this. Needed him.
I’d been having...not cold feet exactly, just concerns. I’d been worried that once we were married, things between us would change. I’d voiced my concerns to Charli and Emerson and Charli had given me some sound advice, and while it definitely did put my mind at ease quite a bit, this spontaneous moment with Seth had helped even more.
“You okay?”
I opened my eyes to find Seth staring at me.
“Never better,” I said, leaning forward to kiss his lips.
“I’d better get you back out there before the bridal party starts to worry.”
“Yeah, we’re supposed to be heading back to the hotel soon,” I said as Seth finally pulled out of me.
We got cleaned up and fixed our clothes and I looked around for my thong.
“Looking for these?” Seth asked, with a grin on his face.
“There they are,” I reached out to grab them and Seth pulled them out of my reach.
“I think I’ll keep these,” he said. “Considering I won’t see you for over twenty-four hours. I’ll need something to...help me cope.”
“Uh-huh. You’re something else, you know that?”
“Which is why you love me,” he said as he shoved my underwear into his pocket. He took a step towards me, pulled me into his arms and gave me one last kiss. “You go out first. Okay?”
“Okay. I’ll see you down the aisle.”
Seth grinned at me. “I can’t wait. I love you.”
“And I love you.”
Seth unlocked the door, and I quickly left the bathroom. I was heading for the tables when I heard my name.
“There you are!” Emerson said. “Everyone is loading up on the party bus. We gotta get Charli back to the hotel.”
“Is she okay?” I said, immediately concerned.
“She’s fine. Just tired,” Emerson assured me. Her eyes swept over me and narrowed before widening with realization. “Oh...you nasty, girl!”
“Shut up,” I laughed.
“Hey, I ain’t mad at ya,” she said, wrapping an arm around my shoulder as we left the club. “Not one bit, sis. Get your pre-wedding freak on!”


“You look like you a lil hungover, baby,” Nana Jacobs said, as I sat down at the table for brunch with Emerson, Charli and Charli’s mother and grandmother.
“Serves her right for trying to ditch us yesterday,” my mother grumbled with a satisfied grin on her face. “Thinking this little brunch would placate us and be our ‘fun’ outing, tuh...”
“Okay, mom. We get it,” I said, squinting. “Y’all still like to party too. We’re sorry.”
“I guess you’re forgiven. So you can get your gifts now.”
“My gifts?” I said, excitedly.
“Yes,” Nana Jacobs said.
My mom handed me a gift first.
“Here’s your something old.”
I opened the small velvet box and found a small locket.
“Mom, it’s beautiful,” I said, picking it up and opening it. My eyes filled with tears when I saw a picture of my grandfather, Nana Jacobs’ husband, inside.
“I wore it on my wedding day,” she said.
“I wish he could be here,” I said, looking from my mother to my grandmother.
“He will be,” my mother assured.
“I’m next,” Nana Jacobs said, handing me a gift bag. I instantly recognized it as a Scarlette’s Closet bag by its signature different shades of purple. I reached into the bag and pulled out a sexy piece of lingerie.
“Your something new,” Nana Jacobs said with a wink.
“Mom!” my mother gasped.
“Mary, after what you did on that pole last night, do not sit there acting scandalized,” she said to my mother and then turned back to me. “I expect you to get to work right away on making me some more great-grands.”
“I’ll do my best,” I said, laughing as I placed the outfit back into the bag.
“Me next, me next!” Charli said, handing me another small box.
I opened the box, revealing a jeweled comb.
“Charli! This is the comb you wore on your wedding day.”
“Figured you could borrow it for tomorrow.”
“Thank you,” I said, leaning over to hug her.
“And finally,” Emerson said, handing me a small bag. “Your something blue.”
I reached into the bag and found a lacy blue garter.
“I know it doesn’t exactly match the color scheme of the wedding, but–”
“It’s perfect,” I said, shaking my head and wrapping my arms around Emerson. “It’s all perfect. Thank you, guys. You’ve made this all so great.”
And they had.
With the wedding being held on the Winterborne estate, Charli, along with her assistant Tracey, had taken care of most of the wedding arrangements with our planner, Lila McAllister-Thomas.
It was definitely an easy choice to make to have the wedding at Winterborne. It was at home, in Ragston, and Winterborne was a gorgeous venue.
And private.
Needless to say the wedding had stirred up a bit of a media frenzy. Michelle Drake, my manager, had been fielding calls left and right from magazines who wanted to photograph the wedding exclusively. That honor had been given to Roman Knight. He was a renowned photographer who was amazing at his job and a cousin of the Noble siblings. The fact that he was even available to chronicle our wedding was unbelievable.
Having Michelle as a manager and being friends with the Nobles – some of which also worked with Michelle – definitely had its perks.
“I can’t believe I’m getting married tomorrow,” I sighed, looking at all of the gifts I’d been given. “Tomorrow is going to be...absolutely perfect.”

“Let me help you with that tie, son.”
I let my hands fall to my side as my father came and took over.
“How are you feeling?” he asked.
“Ready,” I sighed.
“You definitely are now,” my dad said, taking a step back to look at me.
We looked towards the door when Paul, Rocki’s brother and my best friend, as well as best man, walked in.
“How is she?” I asked.
“A bit stunned from your gifts,” Paul chuckled. “The tickets to be exact.”
I wish I could have seen her face when she saw the tickets for the surprise honeymoon trip I’d booked for us. I’d been working with Michelle to get Roxanne’s schedule completely cleared. We’d pulled it off and my bride-to-be and I would be spending two whole weeks on the beaches of The Maldives.
“She also sent me back with your gift,” Paul said, handing me a small box.
I took the box, opened it and smiled at the onyx and platinum cufflinks that had our wedding date engraved in them.
“These are great,” I said, taking them out of the box. I’d just finished fastening them onto my sleeve cuffs when there was a knock on the door and the wedding planner peeked her head in.
“Hey guys!” Lila said, a bright smile on her face. “It’s time.”
We filed out of the room and made our way outside to the limo waiting to take us to the building where the ceremony was being held.
I smiled as we drove past the carriage house, where Rocki and her bridal party were getting ready, thinking that it wouldn’t be too much longer before I finally got to see her again.
After the quick drive, we all climbed out of the limo, went inside and took our places at the altar.
A few minutes after we were settled, the doors opened and the bridesmaids made their way down the aisle.
The building was surrounded with floor to ceiling windows, which gave me the perfect view as a horse-drawn carriage delivered my bride to the building. Once it arrived, my anticipation began to grow even more. I was eager to see her and, thankfully, I didn’t have to wait for too much longer.
The minister signaled for the congregation to stand and The Wedding March began to play, as the doors at the back of the venue swung open, revealing Roxanne on her father’s arm.
She was stunning.
Our eyes locked and she gave me the sweetest smile. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she made her way down the aisle.
To me.
The closer she got to me, the more my heart pounded. I was so overcome with emotion, watching this woman who I’d love for so long make her way down the aisle to become my wife.
They finally made it to the altar and Frank placed Roxanne’s hand in mine and gave me a gentle pat on my shoulder before taking a step back.
I squeezed Rocki’s hand and when she looked up at me, I had to swallow the lump in my throat, seeing those big, brown eyes glittering with love for me.
“You are so beautiful,” I whispered to her.
“So are you,” she said, reaching up to touch my cheek, catching a tear that managed to break free.
I wrapped my hand around hers and planted a kiss on her wrist and then looked into her eyes again.
Unable to resist, I leaned down and pressed a kiss on her lips. She’d just began to sink against my body when the minister cleared her throat.
“We haven’t quite reached that portion of the ceremony,” she said, smiling at us.
“Sorry, Pastor,” I sheepishly replied, taking a step away from Rocki, but never letting go of her hand.
The minister nodded her understanding and then began the ceremony. “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the union of Seth Gardiner and Roxanne Malone in holy matrimony...”
I tried to take in every moment – the reciting of our vows, the exchanging of the rings – but it still seemed to go by so quickly.
“By the power vested in me by the state of Michigan, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Seth, you may now kiss your bride,” the minister said, causing everyone to laugh. Their laughs morphed into clapping, whistling and cheering as I pulled Roxanne into my arms, cupped the back of her neck and finished what I’d started at the beginning of the ceremony. I kissed Rocki for the first time as my wife.
And damn, that shit was one of the most fucking amazing feelings in the world.
I finally, reluctantly, pulled away and the minister addressed the crowd again.
“Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner!”
We made our way back down the aisle and the wedding party followed us out. The rest of the guests made their way to the reception area while Roman took some photos of the wedding party together.
Once that was done, we headed over to the reception area, where the DJ announced us to our guests.
We entered hand in hand to a raucous applause and headed straight to the dance floor, where I pulled Rocki into my arms for our first dance.
“Hello, Mrs. Gardiner,” I murmured into her ear, tightening my arms around her waist.
“We did it!” Rocki gushed.
“Yes, we did.” I palmed her neck and leaned down to kiss her, earning another round of applause.
We’d just finished our dance when I noticed a commotion right outside the reception hall.
“What’s going on?” Roxanne asked, looking over her shoulder.
“I don’t know,” I said, taking her hand in mine.
We walked into the hallway and found Wes carrying Charli in his arms.
“Oh my god, Charli,” Rocki cried. “What’s wrong?”
“Her water broke,” Wes said. “We’re on our way to the hospital.”
“We’re coming with you,” Roxanne said immediately, as Emerson and Ro joined us.
“No!” Charli grunted. “Today...is your day...stay.”
“Rocki! Stay.”
Roxanne took a step forward and brushed Charli’s hair off her forehead and pressed a kiss there.
“I love you, diva.”
“I love you too,” Charli replied, before Wes carried her out to the car.
Once the excitement of died down, somewhat, we got back on track with the reception. About thirty minutes went by before I leaned over and whispered in Rocki’s ear.
“You ready to go to the hospital?”
“Yes! Thank you,” she said, standing and gathering her wedding dress up. “Em. Let’s go.”
Emerson and Roosevelt followed us out and we all got into the limo and rode to the hospital.
When we arrived, we joined the rest of her family in the waiting room.
“I hope the baby is okay,” Rocki said, as she absently paced around. “She’s six weeks early.”
“Hey,” I said, taking her hand in mine to stop her from pacing. “Everything is going to be fine.”
She smiled at me and nodded. “You’re right, that’s a REC Shop Diva baby. She’s a fighter.”
“It’s time to count down to the new year,” the announcer on the television said.
We turned our attention to the TV and watched as the ball began to drop while the crowd counted from ten to one. When the clock struck midnight, I pulled Roxanne into my arms and gave a long kiss.
“Happy New Year, baby.”
“Happy New Year,” she responded, before kissing me again.
“She’s here!”
We broke off our kiss and turned to find Wes being surrounded by his family.
“Celeste Elaine, born at 12:01 a.m.,” Wes said, his face beaming with pride.
“How are they?” Emerson asked.
“Both mother and baby are doing well. They plan on keeping Celeste in NICU, but only for a day or two for observation.”
“Congratulations, man,” I said, clasping his hand in mine and pulling him into a brotherly hug.
“Thanks,” he said. “I gotta get back in there.”
“Send her our love!” Roxanne called out, as Wes headed back to join Charli.


It was nearly two in the morning when we arrived back to the carriage house at Winterborne. We were spending a few nights there before our flight to The Maldives.
“Wasn’t baby Celeste the most precious thing?” Roxanne sighed, plopping down on the bed, causing the skirt of her dress to fly up around her like a beautiful cloud.
“Yeah, she was,” I replied, remembering how I felt watching Roxanne hold that baby.
It made me eager to see her holding our own baby.
“I just wish I’d thought to grab my flats before we took off to the hospital. My feet are killing me.”
I squatted down in front of her, reached under her skirt, and pulled her heels off, massaging her feet.
My ministrations caused Rocki to let out a low, appreciative moan.
“That feels amazing.”
“I am to please,” I said, as my hands moved further up her leg, until I reached her thigh. I leaned forward, and planted kisses against her soft skin, loving the way she squirmed beneath my touch. I’d just reached the edge of her panties when she stopped me.
“Hold that thought,” she said, as she stood in front of me.
The scent of her arousal had my dick throbbing.
“Not sure how long I can hold on, gorgeous.”
She sauntered over to the bathroom and when she reached the door, she stopped and looked over her shoulder at me. “It’ll be worth the wait. I promise.”
After she closed the bathroom door, I shrugged out of my suit jacket, took off my tie, and undid the top button of my shirt. I smiled at my cufflinks as I unfastened them and placed them on the dresser.
I sat on the bed and fell back, letting my eyes shut and I replayed everything that had happened in the last twenty-four hours.
Roxanne and I were married.
It still felt surreal.
I never imagined that when I agreed to her little hare-brained scheme of pretending we were a couple when we came home for a visit that we’d become a real couple, let alone get married.
But I wouldn’t change a thing.
“You’re not falling asleep on me, are you?”
At the sound of Rocki’s voice, my eyes slid open and I sat up on my elbows. I damn near swallowed my tongue when I saw her standing there in a sheer, white negligee that left absolutely nothing to the imagination.
“Absolutely not,” I said, sitting up further.
“I know it’s late,” she said, slowly walking towards me. “And so much has happened. If you’re tired–”
I didn’t let her finish her words before I snatch her into my arms. My hands roamed every inch her, loving the feel of the fabric against her body. I pulled her on top of me, her legs straddling my waist and I drew the straps down her arms, kissing her neck, her shoulders, her collarbone and finally her breasts.
“Seth...” she breathed, as I lightly bit her nipple.
I changed our positions so I was on top of her on the bed, and slid down her body, until my face was buried between her legs. Her pussy glistened and I didn’t waste any time diving in to taste her. I ran my tongue between her folds before pulling her clit between my lips.
One second she was pushing me away, the next she was nearly suffocating me by pulling her even closer to her.
When I felt her legs begin to tremble, I pulled away and stood. I quickly undressed and joined her in the bed.
“I want to be inside of you the first time you come as my wife,” I growled.
She parted her legs wider and as I slid in, we both let out a satisfied groan.
I hooked one of her legs over my shoulder as I moved in and out of her, loving the way her walls gripped my dick.
I felt her nails dig into my back as my pace began to speed up. Her whimpers grew louder and louder, until they morphed into screams as she climaxed.
I was right there with her as my seed spilled inside of her. It was the second time we’d gone without a condom in a matter of days. We were usually extremely careful about that sort of thing, but when I’d taken her at the club the other night, I was so damn eager to be inside of her, protection hadn’t even crossed my mind. The feeling of skin to skin had been so amazing that I couldn’t imagine any kind of barrier being between us ever again.
We’d discussed kids, and both wanted them. The thought that we may have created our child already, set something off in me that filled me with warmth.
I finally pulled out of her and went to the bathroom to grab a warm towel. After I cleaned her off and got rid of the towel, I joined her back in the bed.
She burrowed into my side and threw one of her legs over me, and then wrapped an arm around my waist and laid her head on my chest.
I pressed a kiss to the top of her head and let out a content sigh.
“I love you, Mrs. Gardiner,” I said, pulling her even tighter.
“And I love you,” she murmured, her voice heavy with sleep. “I can’t wait for our honeymoon. I still can’t believe we’re spending two weeks in The Maldives.”
“I can’t wait either,” I said. “But you know what else I can’t wait for?”
“What?” she yawned.
“To spend the rest of my life with you as my wife...”

“And I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you as my husband,” she responded right before we both drifted off to sleep.

The End...

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