Happy Easter! My gift to you is a lil sample of my current WIP.

***Unedited, subject to change***

Jay: Bitch, WHERE TF are you going?!?!
That was the text she’d sent me after I shared my location with Jaclyn and Octavia on phone tracking app. I still had to use some common sense.
I peeked over at Rome who was driving, and bobbing his head along to the music playing softly on the radio and then turned my attention back to my text messages.
Remember the guy I was dancing with at the parade yesterday?
Tay: That FINE ass with the camera?
I went on to tell Jaclyn and Octavia about how I’d ended up in the same cafe as Rome; after those bitches ditched me to do some swimming with sharks shit they knew I wasn’t gonna be down for. Yeah I was livin’ in the movement, but I had to draw the line somewhere.
I’d been hesitant to go with Rome at first, Typical Cyn telling me all the reasons why it was a bad idea. But then he’d said Vacation Cyn’s mantra and I knew I couldn’t say no.
Rome had been right, something had drawn me to him at the parade; and it wasn’t the liquor.
Jay: If you don’t ride that man’s dick until sunup, we’re leaving you in Trinidad.
I swallowed a laugh and looked over at Rome again.
It had been a while since I’d been with a man. Truth be told, while dancing with him, I’d gotten a bit of a sneak peek at what Rome was working with and...
Maybe Jaclyn had a point.
Octavia merely backed up Jaclyn’s advice with a simple text of Be safe and shoot us an S.O.S. if shit is foul. We come and get you.
Will do. Love you, I replied back and then tucked my phone away to look out the window as we drove down a winding road that overlooked the ocean.
“Wow,” I sighed. “This is beautiful.”
“Yeah,” Rome agreed.
“Earlier at the cafe, you said your father was from here. Did you get to visit here often?”
“Every summer and occasionally during the holidays,” Rome said. “We didn’t get out here as much after my father passed. But my brothers and I try to visit at least once a year. Our grandmother still lives here.”
“How many brothers do you have?”
“Two. We’re triplets actually.”
“It kinda runs in the family, multiples. My mother has a twin sister.”
 We drove for a little while longer, and eventually Rome turned down a dirt road surrounded by trees. Soon he came to a stop and turned the car off.
“We’ll have to walk from here,” he said. “But it’s not too long of a trek.”
“Okay,” I replied, before he got out of the car and came around to my side to help me out.
He kept my hand in his as he guided me through the forested area. We’d only been walking for a few minutes when he stopped and turned to face me, a sexy grin spreading across his lips.
“Are you ready?” he asked and I responded with an eager nod.
He led me through a clearing, and my mouth fell open in awe at what was easily one of the most beautiful beaches I’d ever seen.
“Rome...this is...” I couldn’t find the words to properly describe my thoughts.
Rome squeezed my hand a little tighter and pulled me further towards the beach.
“Come on,” he said.
He toed off his shoes, and I did the same, loving the way the powdery soft sand felt beneath my feet.
I looked one way down the beach and then the other realizing, “There’s no one here.”
“Yeah,” Rome explained. “Since it’s not as easily accessible as so many of the other beaches it’s stayed fairly secluded.”
“I see why this is one of your favorite places,” I said, releasing his hand. I kept going until I reached the shoreline. The ocean water splashed against my toes and I leaned my head back and shut my eyes, taking in the feeling of the sun kissing my skin.
I stood like that, enjoying the sound of nothing but waves, for several minutes; until I heard a beeping from behind me.
I opened my eyes and looked behind me to find Rome, camera in his hand taking pictures of me.
“I didn’t even realize you’d brought that with you,” I said.
“I pretty much always have a camera with me,” he said, taking another picture. “You don’t mind, do you?”
“I suppose not,” I said, scrunching my nose.
The sound of the shutter clicking as he took several more pics and he said, “I told you earlier, the camera seems to be taken by you.”
“Hmmm.” That hadn’t been the only thing he’d admitted to being taken by me. Instead of bringing that up again, I said, “It just feels kinda strange, that’s all.”
“Having your picture taken?” Rome asked, lowering his camera. “Why?”
“In my line of work...hell in my life...I guess I’ve just gotten use being invisible. My job is not to be seen.”
“That’s quite a shame,” Rome said quietly. “Because you’re definitely worth being seen.”
“Not everyone thinks so.”
“Fuck everyone who doesn’t.”
His words made me look up at him and I found him staring at me.
I see you,” he said.

His gaze was so intense that I had to look away. Desperate to change to subject before I got all emotional over his words, I turned my gaze back to the water and asked, “How did you find this place?”
When I realized he was no longer taking pictures of me and that he’d taken a long time to answer, I turned to look at him.
He had a sad smile on his face when he finally answered. “My dad used to bring me here as a kid.”
“Being a triplet, there was always this...assumption that we always did everything together. And I mean...we kinda did,” he chuckled. “But my dad made sure to spend time with us individually too. And this is where he’d bring me. He taught me a lot of shit out here. I make sure to come out here whenever I visit the island.”
“And you brought me with you this time?” I asked.
Rome nodded. “You mentioned being unhappy and missing your father. Coming here brings me peace.” Shrugging, he added, “I figured it might do the same for you.”
I turned my gaze from him back to the ocean.
“It does,” I said, looking at him again. 
We sat down in the sand, and talked forever; trading stories of our fathers that brought smiles to both of our faces.
“Thank you for bringing me here,” I eventually said. “This...has helped. More than you know.”
“You’re welcome, gorgeous,” he said as he turned towards me and pushed a strand of hair out of my face. When his thumb lightly grazed my cheekbone, my eyes drifted shut. His hand slid to the back of my neck and he gently pulled me closer to him, giving me ample time to stop him or back away, if that had been what I wanted.
It wasn’t.
I closed the little bit of distance left between us, and eagerly lifted my head as he slowly pressed his lips against mine. It was a soft kiss, that had me melting against his body. He kissed me again, and again, each time a little deeper, until I opened my mouth and sucked his tongue into my mouth, causing him to let out a moan that had my entire body shivering. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me so I was straddling his lap and I wrapped my arms around his neck.
Finally, the need to breathe forced us apart, but Rome kept his hands around my hips. He dropped his forehead to mine, his chest rapidly rising and falling.
“Goddamn, woman,” he said.
“Yeah, the feeling is pretty mutual,” I said, shifting my body as I felt his erection beneath me.
My movement made his grip on my body tighten.
“Cyn...” he nearly growled, and I moved again, more deliberately. “I should probably...get you back to your place...You probably still have to pack and–”
I cut off his words by kissing him again. When I pulled away, I grinned at him.
“What happened to wanting to elongate the moment?” I asked, causing his lips to form a smirk that was so damn sexy my nipples hardened.
“I was trying to be chivalrous,” he admitted.
“And while I appreciate that,” I said. “I’m not...I’m not ready for whatever this is to end."
“What would you like then?” he asked.
“I’d like to go back to your place,” I told him. “‘Cause I’ve heard sex on the beach ain’t really all the movies and books make it out to be.”
His eyes widened with my bluntness, but I felt his dick twitch beneath my ass. I let out a little yelp when he abruptly stood and helped me up.
“My place it is then,” he said, and we rushed back to his car.